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real sin and a real enemy


Listen to the words of the Lord. Bold words Samuel said to King Saul as he faced a battle with Israel’s long time enemy, the Amalekites, as chapter 15 of 1 Samuel opens. Also a warning I often sense in my own spirit. Listen to the words of the Lord. Listen with an intent toContinue Reading

eavesdropping 101

fence 008

I love to eavesdrop. Unfortunately not just in public. which, incidentally, is none of my business. But I eavesdrop even when my boys go ask their Dad for permission or something. am I the only one? I will hear a child call “DAD?” and I have been known to turn off the hairdryer and listenContinue Reading

exposed and confident


He loves to be naked. When a foul scent fills the room, I lay him down and pull out a fresh diaper. The baby boy I care for during the day loves to have his diaper changed. Well, really he loves to be naked. Exposed. Never fails to remind me of how we were createdContinue Reading

how not to fail

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Trials come and go. Life is hard. Marriage, parenting, relationships, ministry, work, life. There are many opportunities for us to feel attacked, weary and worn out. Thankfully for those who belong to the Lord, none of this is in vain. 2 Peter tells us trials come to prove our faith genuine. As I have beenContinue Reading

intimately knowing him

bible 4 verse

I recently received a new Bible study in the mail from an author I admire. I excitedly began to flip through the study to see what treasures were there, I realized I was looking to read her story. The author is a great writer, talented storyteller and relatable chick. So I was enticed by herContinue Reading