open eyes to His truth


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chewing our own food

bible 3

The Lord has been burning something on my heart for awhile now that I feel compelled to respond to. See, whenever I teach Bible study or speak there is a passage that seems to roll around in my heart, whether or not I mention it is another thing. But usually I do, since I haveContinue Reading

Just as He Said

stone tomb verse

Just as He had told them. These words recently struck  a chord in my heart as our pastor preached on Palm Sunday from Luke 19. We saw in our mind’s eye as Jesus sent 2 disciples to gather the things necessary for His ride into Jerusalem. Then, as if for he first time, I wasContinue Reading

Looking Forward

flowers verse 1

After a cold, long winter spring is beginning to coat my neck of the woods with its fairy dust (read pollen! and lots of it!).  The sweetness of spring drifts through the air as the birds sing their praises all day long. My feet stay in flip flops and I find every excuse to get things done outside. NeverContinue Reading

An Emerald for the Bride


Happy St. Patty’s Day! I have a beautiful emerald for the Bride of Christ that a friend and sister in Christ has written…and I want to share it with YOU!!! I am happy to introduce you to a “real life” friend who has recently released her first Bible Study called, Dive Deeper: Finding Deep FaithContinue Reading