eavesdropping 101

fence 008I love to eavesdrop. Unfortunately not just in public. which, incidentally, is none of my business. But I eavesdrop even when my boys go ask their Dad for permission or something. am I the only one? I will hear a child call “DAD?” and I have been known to turn off the hairdryer and listen in. This is all with a very NOT Christ-like motive. I have been known to pry and manipulate, trying to fix and arrange situations with my husband and sons. I am not proud of this and realize the sin issue that it is.

Actually, that last part really took center stage just this week in my time with the Lord.

King Saul is fearfully hiding from the enemy while his son attacks them head-on with God’s confidence. Saul sees more of his men dispersing and realizes he must act. nothing like peer pressure to motivate. Saul counts the men with him and calls for the ark of God. Is Saul finally going to seek God and wait on Him?

The priest brings the ark and suddenly, like a mom turning off her hairdryer to catch the distant sound, Saul hears the battle cries from the Philistine camp. “This can only mean one thing– they need ME!”

Saul charges into battle, failing YET AGAIN to fully wait on the Lord and His direction.

* What would be your response? Your son is in the battle and you overhear the cries growing…Would you and I be able to stand there and wait on God with unworried and fully trusting hearts? Or do we drop the hairdryer and run to butt in…

Here’s the thing that really got me…God was already at work in the Philistine camp. He was already calling forth men that had been in hiding to help side with Jonathan and bring about a very unexpected victory. Already working. Already having gone far before Saul and his weak, fearful self. God was already at work.

He did not need Saul.

He does not need you and me.

God does not need me to parent my boys or to be my husband’s wife. He does not need me. He does not need you.

We. Need. Him.

Philippians 1:6 promises that He who began a good work WILL complete it. It has no disclaimer to say He will complete it IF we do something.

When I feel out of sorts, I need to control, manipulate, intervene and try to fix the people in my life, I am turning my back on the Lord with Saul and may be dashing into a battle I wasn’t meant to fight. Rest, trust and rely on the One that has it all worked out in the end. He is already fighting in that battle and is not at a loss without my presence. Oh, but what a loss I am in without His Presence!

Rather than eavesdropping, I am now turning my ears afresh toward the Father and hearing HIs heart and trusting His hand, regardless of what I hear outside the bathroom door.

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