exposed and confident

mountainsHe loves to be naked. When a foul scent fills the room, I lay him down and pull out a fresh diaper. The baby boy I care for during the day loves to have his diaper changed. Well, really he loves to be naked. Exposed.

Never fails to remind me of how we were created to be naked and unashamed in the Garden. Little ones get that. The shame of sin hasn’t yet began to poison their young soul.

As I continue to walk through 1 Samuel 14 with the Lord, I was struck by a vulnerability of faith that Jonathan demonstrated right there in verses 7 through 10.  Jonathan pulls away from his scared and unbelieving father to seek God’s plan and trust God to be faithful to fight the enemy. Jonathan pursues a battle plan that the world considers ridiculous. He and his armor bearer, all alone, climbing up rocky crags to show themselves to the enemy. Vulnerable and alone….with God in the lead.

*How would you and I respond? Are we willing to pull away from those who try to talk us out of living out our faith? Are we willing to be vulnerable with God?  

Too often I see myself taking the world’s strategy to fight the spiritual battle. The world says, “protect yourself, guard yourself, no one else will.” God says,” trust Me, believe Me, I will take vengeance, I see hearts and motives.”

Jonathan calls to his armor bearer, no doubt with his heart thumping in his ears and adrenaline pumping, “Come up after me, for the LORD has given them into the hand of Israel.” (verse 12) By faith, Jonathan moves forward with confidence in his very able God.

*Do I live with that kind of faith? Do I seek God and them press forward to move as He leads, trusting His lead– even when it makes no logical sense to me?

Proverbs 3:5-6 reminds us to trust the Lord with all our heart and lean not on our own understanding, but in all our ways acknowledge Him and He will direct our paths. Our understanding is far more limited than our prideful hearts will admit. But if we are willing to fully know Him in all our ways, pursuing Him through His word and continually returning to Him in prayer, then He will take the lead and we can confidently follow– even over a rocky crag.

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