tending our way by the Word


  • tending tuesday: diligent tending
    Welcome to *Tending Tuesday*, our opportunity to hear a fellow writer’s voice, one who is seeking to encourage others in their walk with Jesus while tending her own life by the Word of God. Meet Twyla Franz… Twyla blogs about her passion, neighborhood missional living, hoping to make it feel less intimidating for others to beginContinue reading “tending tuesday: diligent tending”
  • from grief to dancing
    {five minute friday: grief} Grief. The small awkward word seems inadequate for the weight of emotion it bears on one’s soul. It’s defined as a multifaceted response to loss, particularly to the loss of someone or something that has died, to which a bond of affection was formed. Multifaceted response indeed. As a six-year-old littleContinue reading “from grief to dancing”
  • getting a restful night’s sleep
    It was hard to sleep last night. Tossing and turning encouraged the dreams to get bigger than reality in my subconscious. Maybe it was the pizza dinner. Maybe it was the news before bedtime. All too often we let the news or social media or concerns filter through our thoughts late into the evening andContinue reading “getting a restful night’s sleep”

I am here to encourage you as we tend our way according by His word. I’m Mariel, saved by the Word to share the Word through my words.

I would love to send you my simple method of Bible study to serve you as we tend our way by the Word of God. (let me know where to send it below)

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