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The simple, four-step TEND method will guide you through God’s Word cultivating confidence & intimacy with God as He tends to your soul like a garden. Learn more about this effective yet doable Bible study method HERE.

As a former atheist, who surrendered to Christ after reading God’s Word, Mariel can testify to the power of the Word. Everything we need for a godly life is available through our firsthand knowledge of God (2 Peter 1:3). Read Mariel’s story HERE.

Where spiritual formation meets Bible study.

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Weary of depending on workbooks & devotionals for intimacy with God?


Where spiritual formation meets Bible study

The TEND method vs Bible study vs Bible reading

3 Ways to Start Tending Your Soul Like a Garden 

The Tend Journal

Slow down and lean into the Word of God in your quiet time with a guided journal that walks you through the TEND Bible study method.

plants sprouting

Refreshing Words to Tend Your Soul

Looking for encouraging refreshing to water your soul? Soak in the words and tools that Mariel offers to guide you closer to Jesus through posts, studies and retreats.


Tend Bible Studies

Learn the TEND method and practice it alongside others in an online Bible study. Live weekly on Zoom platform led by Mariel.


[The] TEND method helped me to slow down and spend time with Scripture in a way that really made it come alive.

Celia M.