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Cultivating intimacy with God is where we find hope & refreshment. As a former atheist saved by the Word of God, join me to learn to tend your soul by His Word, like a gardener tending the garden, & thus grow in the grace & knowledge of Jesus (2 Peter 3:18)

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  • permission to pause
    {five minute friday: permission} The alarm jingles, the phone starts buzzing, the kids have needs, lunches need to be packed and the day spins to a start. Noise and demands and distractions press in. I escape to the garden. The one place I can’t rush. The small yellow petals of the tomato flower have givenContinue reading “permission to pause”
  • how to read a love letter
    A letter written by my great great grandmother to my great grandmother was put into my hands by my grandmother a couple years ago. It’s a letter written nearly a hundred years ago in Cuba. My son and I poured over it, translating it with fascination. We didn’t want to miss a single detail. DetailsContinue reading “how to read a love letter”
  • tending tuesday: tending in the quiet times
    Welcome to Tending Tuesday! This week I want to introduce you to Debra Wallace. She is a writer who is passionate about helping women who’ve experienced husband’s same-sex addiction overcome shame and secrecy so they can pursue hope and healing. Ten years into her 22 year marriage, she became aware of her husband’s same-sex attractionContinue reading “tending tuesday: tending in the quiet times”