A Guide for Peace, Rest & Stability

What is it I might be treasuring? Not what do I hope to be treasuring, but what is actually a treasure to me? Jesus said that where our treasure is, our heart will also be in Matthew 6:21. So what is it that has great value in my heart?

Anything my heart treasures becomes the focus, the desire and the delight of our heart. In this world of technology, we can easily find ourselves distracted by the shimmer of worthless treasures that only lead us into disappointment, distraction and overwhelm.

But when we treasure Christ Himself and find our heart’s delight in Him, we find peace, rest, and stability.

How then can I shift my treasure onto the One who treasures me?

Our action of treasuring Christ is the same as if we treasure anything or anyone else. What we treasure is that which we gaze at, we think about and we spend time with most.

When Christ Jesus becomes our treasure, then we will gaze at Him through a slowed-down noticing of His handiwork around us, an awareness of His presence and kindness towards us. Gazing at Christ opens our eyes to see from His perspective and take personally the gifts He lavishes on us.

Peace comes when I offer thanksgiving for His demonstration of love and care through these gifts.

When Christ Jesus is our treasure, we think about Him continually, renewing our mind on His Word and His character. After time in His Word, I love to write either the question that surfaced or a verse that He highlighted on an index card and keep that near me throughout the day.

When my thoughts get overwhelmed or distracted, I draw my mind back to the truth He spoke over me that morning and find rest for my mind.

When Christ Jesus is my treasure, time spent with him becomes my consistent rhythm through prayer and time in His Word. Sitting at His feet becomes a delight as I allow the Gardener to tend my soul like a garden by the truths of His Word.

Slowing down enough to listen to the voice of God through His Word, bears fruit of stability in my heart that draws me to desire the Treasure of my soul all the more.

Our heart indicates that which we treasure. Bearing fruit of anxiety, discontent, and overwhelm demonstrates a misplaced treasure. But in treasuring the One who treasures us, we bear fruit of peace, rest, and stability in the midst of a swirling, shifting world.

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I’m Mariel & I invite you to greater intimacy with God through His Word for yourself, using my TEND method of Bible study.

6 thoughts on “A Guide for Peace, Rest & Stability”

  1. Peace and rest… stability?
    Oh, I don’t think so, not at all.
    For me that’s all futility
    for I’ve seen writing on the wall
    that tells me there’s no time to waste,
    that I’ve still so much to do
    that my watchword must be haste
    lest I die before I’m through.
    It’s not really ’bout legacy
    nor completing what’s begun;
    looking at my history,
    you know I do it all for fun,
    and even as I write this sonnet
    I do not want to lose one moment.

  2. Jesus asks us to abide in him. As we live in obedience to his commandments, the Holy Spirit is with us. Love your words “developing a consistent rhythm spending time with your soul’s true treasure”.


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