a new approach to 2021

Where do you hope to be this time next year in your walk with the Lord? How can we approach the coming year in a new way because of what we have been through this year?

What if you gave less than 30 minutes per day to know Him better through His word? By this time next year you would be nearly through reading the Bible and seeing the heart and character of God in it’s pages.

2 Peter 1:3 promises us that God’s divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and to godliness, but that comes through the knowledge of Him.

So how well do you know Him?

In less than thirty minutes per day we can read a few chapters of Scripture and begin to really see His heart and perspective, putting all of life into perspective.

Reading through the Bible in a year can seem daunting though.

The first time I made the attempt, I crash and burned in Leviticus. I was unclear what my goal in reading was and had no guide or accountability.

The first time I actually read it all the way through was different. Three important things made the difference.

1. I had a guide. The plan I was using gave me a daily plan of what to read rather than just willy nilly stopping every couple chapters. The guide was also chronological. This was helpful in that it braided all of Scripture together in the order of the events. So rather than reading just front to back in one book and then being unsure where this fell in the grand scheme of things, it read more like the storyline of history that it is.

2. I had a simple focus. Rather than spending time “studying” every paragraph and verse and cross referencing it throughout the Bible, I read in a very easy to understand translation and looked for who God was in the portion I was reading. Simple. The Bible is primary about God, not about us. So when we read it, it is wise to look first to what it is teaching about His character, actions and desires. In that pursuit we will see ourselves rightly, rather than the other way around. By the end of the year I certainly knew God better and that has marked my intimacy with Him.

3. I had accountability. This is a biggie as anyone who has succeeded at weight loss or breaking addictions can testify. Long journeys in the right direction require accountability. Someone to share what you are learning, someone to cheer you on when you want to quit, someone who is doing along side you or someone who has been there and can say, ‘I get it but you can do this!’

In the coming year, a dear writer friend and I will be offering this very opportunity to YOU! We have created a guide with a simple focus (along with several other goodies!!) and a community of like-minded cheerleaders to hold one another’s hand through the year of growth.

The group size will be limited so we can best serve those who join. Also the doors will close to new members at the end of December, so that we can focus our efforts on cheering, leading and serving the group that the Lord brings together.

👉 So if you are interested in joining us in the BIBLE READING GROUP or want to know more about it, CLICK HERE.

I look forward to growing with you in 2021 through His divine power and the knowledge of the One who is so worthy of our time and effort to know Him better.

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8 thoughts on “a new approach to 2021

  1. I am currently reading through a version of the Bible I have never read before. I try to read for about 20 minutes each night. Right now, I am in Proverbs, which I enjoy. I wish I had a guide and friends to help keep me accountable when I began reading!

    1. Life changing, isn’t it? We would love to have you join in to read through again with a small community online in 2021! Would be great to have experienced veterans of the Word contribute to the discussions as well as newbies. ❤

    1. yeah there is something beautiful about pushing through the reading at a faster clip. It helps me to really just read rather than study, and thus to see God’s hand over the big picture. It really is a life changing experience. I’d love for you to join us next year, if you are interested in the accountability and a simple guide to help. God here for more info, if you’re interested: https://www.knowinggodthroughtheword.com/a/38180/dkFnSPSz

  2. I try to have a trip through the Bible going on in the background no matter what else I am reading because it keeps me grounded in the context. So glad you are encouraging the practice!

    1. love that, “a trip through the Bible”! it is such a needed foundation to all the studying and digging we do. I love it so much, I am seeking to lead a small online community through it in 2021.

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