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Perspective is everything. Isn’t it?
When we see from the perspective before us, we will think from our vantage point and thus live out of that. What other perspective is there? I only have but my own eyes and story from which to proceed so how can I shift to any other perspective? Sometimes that shift requires a reframing of our mind, a whole new focus.

When my son, who is a hobby photographer, takes a picture he often crouches down, shifting his perspective, getting closer or farther from the object he is framing. By contrast, I take the same picture framed from my own 5 foot height stance. In failing to shift, I miss much of the beauty my son is capturing. He then edits pictures from yet another perspective by removing entire backgrounds and adding filters and color. The scene is a fresh creation that I completely missed by failing to alter my perspective.

The Word of God tells us when we surrender to the Lord, coming to salvation, we are made new. We are now in the likeness of God created in true righteousness and holiness as Ephesians 4 teaches. Our perspective is to shift to accommodate this Truth. But this doesn’t come naturally to us, it must be supernatural. A perspective shift requires a renewed spirit of our mind. When Truth determines our thinking, then our mind is renewed and our behavior is altered to reflect that truth. Much like my son’s pictures reflect a unique, artistic perspective.

Ephesians 4 illustrates this shift by highlighting certain behaviors that reflect the new angle. We speak truth. We may be angry but do not sin in that anger. We no longer steal but work honestly and share with others rather than take. Our talk is no longer corrupt but rather encouraging and grace filled. We live kindly, tenderheartedly and forgiving. Why? Our perspective has shifted and we remember we are made in His likeness, we are forgiven and we are new creations.

From what perspective are you thinking and behaving?
In what way do you need to shift your perspective today?
Let’s let His truth reframe our minds and thus give us the framework of grace from which to live.

2 thoughts on “a new perspective

  1. So nicely written! I love photography and I have noticed that I'm like your son I will move all around to catch the perfect image and then edit it as well. when I am in my element I am completely in the moment which is how we are when we're really listening to the Holy Spirit. Good stuff! God Bless!

  2. Your images are so beautiful too, Allison. Your flowers are stunning! Thank you for your comment and your visit, friend!

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