a new season ahead (and a quiz)

It can be all too easy to let a dream take the backseat.

From the time I was a little girl, I would spend hours writing in those 1 subject spiral bound notebooks from Walmart. I would write stories about people I had never met and created worlds for them that originated in my mind. I would get lost in books and then live out parallel universes in those blank pages.

Then I met Jesus.

He gave me a new story, one I never would have imagined on my own. His Word inspired my writing even more than any book I had previously read. I began to journal, write poems and thoughts He inspired. Then as a Bible study facilitator for a precious group of women, I went seeking the next study we would dive into. I knew just what the Lord was leading me towards for this group.

I couldn’t find the book I was looking for. Why? Because the Lord was calling me to write it. *insert stunned face*

I was not sure I could pull it off. But by His grace and leading and LOTS of studying, I did. I was able to offer that group the in depth study I knew would best serve them and it was through my own pen. It was a delightful season of pouring out and serving others with the words I was called to write.

That dream quickly took a backseat though. I had two precious boys to raise and I knew I couldn’t do everything well since I often struggle to find balance. So I set the dream aside and raised those gifts to manhood. Never regretting for one second all the treasures of these years. Now the toys are packed away and the driveway has more cars in it and the plans include college classes, internships and even girls.

So the seasons are shifting. The nest is nearing an emptier stage and a fresh breeze is blowing through my heart these days.


By God’s good providence, mid-pandemic, stay at home orders in place and summer beginning, I came to the doorstep of a stunning online community of writers. Writers with purpose, focus and direction. A community of like-minded people with one main goal: to write words that offer hope to the world.

Could I really call myself a “writer”? Could I really have hopeful words to offer a reader? Might this be a place of encouragement and training to help me focus on where the Lord has called me to move forward?

In every way YES! Hope*writers has been a God-send community that offers real training, focus and encouragement for writers. They helped me to see I really AM a writer and I really DO have hopeful words to offer readers.

You can even take a quiz to see what stage of writing you’re in! (I was a stage 1 writer when I started and I just entered stage 3 this month!) Then you get to press into the closet full of learning for your stage of writing to help you move into the next stage at your own pace!

Take the quiz HERE. Let me know what stage you are in! I would love to cheer you on as you seek to follow the Lord’s leading into this new season of your own life, whether a new mom, an empty nester, a single or a retiree. God knows your season and the world needs YOUR words!

Wanna know more about Hope*Writers? Find out about them HERE or join us for the free webinar: 3 Secrets for Writers Looking for Clarity HERE.

I hope to see you in Hope*Writers!!

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8 thoughts on “a new season ahead (and a quiz)

    1. Wow, that’s great! As “author” you would probably greatly benefit from Hopewriters at this point. It has been a great blessing in my own journey and I just started with stage 3 πŸ™‚

  1. This was very interesting. I took the quiz and received a stage 5, the Marketer. Just the quiz questions alone helped me to pinpoint where I’m and was very insightful.

    Thanks for sharing about this group and for sharing your own writing journey story.

    1. YAY for being in stage 5 and knowing it!! So glad the quiz gave you clarity! Hope writers would be such a blessing for you in the current place you are in your writing journey! They have been such a gift for me! πŸ™‚

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