meet Mariel

life is full of weeds & thorns

tending our way by God’s Word is the only hope we have to walk in the peace and stability Jesus offers.

I’m Mariel and I invite you to join me in my garden on the coast, as we tend our soul by the Word to begin to bear fruit for His glory.

Jesus captured my once atheist heart with His Word in my early twenties. He ministers to my heart as I meditate on Truth while tending my backyard garden on the coast of North Carolina. Here He reminds me how He is tending me- pruning, nourishing, watering and by His grace, harvesting good fruit.

I would love to help you grow in the grace and knowledge of God through His Word, as He is teaching me.

Through the joys and trials in my roller coaster marriage, homeschooling my nearly launched boys and the staggering grief of loss, the Lord has taught me how to press into His Word in simple, life-changing ways.

I am easily given to fear, insecurity and worst-case scenarios. But by the grace of God, He is teaching me through His Word, how to anchor my heart in Him.

And so can you!

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