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My first attempt at reading through the Bible came in my early twenties, as a new mom and young wife and self-proclaimed atheist. My goal was to disprove the Bible so as to get out of having to attend church with my husband, who had been raised in it and felt that other than football there was no other alternative for a Sunday.

By the time I closed the last page of Genesis, the Lord had captured my heart. My eyes had been opened through those dysfunctional and relatable people of antiquity. I realized I was a sinner and God, in His incredible grace, had sent His Son for that reason. I surrendered to Jesus as my Savior and began my life-long pursuit of knowing Him through His Word.

I didn’t finish a year long Bible read through until over a decade later.

I had taught Bible study, spent countless hours poring over Scripture and digging deep into it over that decade or so. But the overview in a year? Not exactly.

It felt daunting and overwhelming and possibly biting off more than I could chew, even if it was only requiring 15 minutes a day.

But as I read “Come, Lord Jesus!” in those last verses of Revelation in late December, I was pumped!! It was as if for the first time I had stepped back from the masterpiece enough to catch a glimpse of the big, beautiful picture of God’s redemptive plan. It was stunning!

I couldn’t have done it without the online group I had found and the chronological plan they offered and cheered me on to complete.

Several years later, armed with a buddy and a plan, I walked through God’s Word again in a year’s time. By the time we had spent months yearning for the Savior in the Old Testament, we nearly came unglued as we heard a Baby cry through the opening pages of Matthew. It was a glorious reward!

As 2020 winds down, after all it’s hardships, confusions, fears and trials, there is a fresh need for a glimpse at that stunning masterpiece plan of God.

Do you feel it too?

A chance to step back, see from His perspective, how this all really does work out? This all really is well planned; don’t we need that reminder?

I look forward to 2021 with a simple, chronological reading plan, a beautiful journal to record who He reveals Himself to be and a community of like-minded people desperate for a fresh glimpse of Hope.


The membership community offers:

  • Monthly calendar and bookmark
  • Access to the private Facebook group
  • Daily Scripture reading posts
  • Monthly Live videos
  • Monthly guided journal PDF
  • Monthly Zoom calls
  • Monthly phone and desktop wallpapers with the memory verse
  • Monthly memory verse card
  • Expert interviews to offer encouragement along the way

Membership opportunities will close soon, in order to best serve those who are along for the journey. So sign up NOW, so you don’t miss this chance!!

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Wanna give it a try with just one or two local buddies? You can get the chronological reading plan in the form or a journal for each of you to be on the same plan and cheer one another along! (CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS)

How ever it is that the Lord leads you to spend time in His Word in 2021, I know (and am proof that) no time in His Word is in vain!

Grace & peace to you as you seek to know Him better! xo

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4 thoughts on “an essential glimpse of a masterpiece

  1. Love your story of being wooed into the Kingdom of God through his beautiful word. May you continue to meet him there in power every single time you open its pages!

  2. It’s amazing that God spoke to you through your reading of a single book – Genesis. Maybe by reading that one book, you opened your heart to the Lord. I am reading a new (to me) version of the Bible for the first time. I had hoped to reach the Gospels before Christmas but I am only in Hosea right now. It’s all beautiful. Merry Christmas, Mariel!

    1. Yes, God’s word certainly accomplishes its purpose and never returns void, even for this once lost atheist! No time spent in the Word is in vain. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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