antidote for the worn-out soul

Who isn’t utterly worn out these days? Flat wiped from all the news, pains, fears. Whether it is the news on TV or on our phones yelling at us, the masks on every face we see as they pass by 6 feet away looking frazzled and terrified. Whether it is the riots, loudness and opinions that bring division and fear that keep wearing on us. Or even the troubles in our own homes and families, which did not take a back seat when the world decided to catch on fire. Teenagers still need boundaries and correction, marriages still need attention, husbands need sounding boards, families need hope-filled words and listening ears, trails and grief and fears from within still scream at full volume. How can anyone not be exhausted of it all at this point?

It is life-giving for me to come to words that speak as if they came from my own mouth but on the page of scripture. Right there on the page this morning, I read “I am worn out waiting for your rescue” (Psalm 119:81). Oh yes I am. Worn out waiting for your rescue. Where are You these days, Lord? Are you seeing the nonsense? When will it stop?

I love how the psalmist nearly takes the words right out of my mouth in the NLT of this stanza. He cannot deal one more second either. Did he have teenagers in a world of pandemics and racism? Regardless of his specific circumstances, he can sure relate to the closing in of the world around him.

I need someone to relate, don’t you? Even if not to the specifics but to the overwhelming feeling, the drowning, the inability to catch my breath some days but still called to press on because staying in bed just isn’t an option today.

What is the antidote to all of this worn out waiting? The verse goes on to the clear remedy. But I hope in your word. Simple. Hope in the word. So simple, but so not easy when the phone yells, the kids beg, the husband rants, the world burns to the ground…and yet, but I hope in your word.

That original word for hope in this verse means: wait, tarry and can even mean to waste time. Oh how I waste so much time spinning my wheels and wearying my soul on social media and nonsense looking for the solution that will numb it all. All the while, the solution is right under my nose in black and white. The word of God. The psalmist goes on in this stanza to ask “When will your comfort me?” and even in verse “help me.” All the while he is looking to the word for hope, for the waiting, for the time wasting to be spent in the word not on the worries that surely surround.

Ask Him, when will you bring comfort, healing and grace to me? Tell Him to help you. Cry out. But look up. But hope on the word. Let’s keep wrestling our minds and hearts back to the word. That alone, is where we will find the life-giving words we crave.

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