how to practice grace through gratitude

I had been walking with the Lord for years when my life hit a wall several years ago. Due to very difficult circumstances and sin, both my own and others, I came to a place that felt far from the Lord. In that season I realized that many of the truths I had known andContinue reading “how to practice grace through gratitude”

how to practice grace through bible study

What does grace mean to you? When you think of grace, do you think of the opposite of discipline? Is it grace to release a child from rightful punishment? According to Scripture grace is actually far more than getting out of a deserved punishment. It does begin there, but grace is part of the characterContinue reading “how to practice grace through bible study”

how to fight the loudness

{five minute friday: loud} Loud, obnoxious, divisive. Our world these days, heck this year, has gotten so roudey that I feel like we are about to hear a loud, “if you can’t settle down back there, I’m pulling over this car.” As a kid in the late 80s that was enough warning for my brotherContinue reading “how to fight the loudness”

who wants to make a lasting impact?

Such a hard season with and for our children these days. It’s a hard season for us! Viruses, uncertainty, racial and political issues and of course the big question I hear swirling the most these days, “will the kids go back to school or not?” How can you and I , whether a mother, grandmother,Continue reading “who wants to make a lasting impact?”

who could use a cup of mercy?

{five minute friday: mercy} There was a person who owed a great debt, far greater than their ability to pay, even in their total lifetime of working. The one to whom the debt was owed had power enough to severely punish this person until the great debt was fully paid. Instead mercy was extended. IContinue reading “who could use a cup of mercy?”

who wants to always be right?

{five minute friday: right} The battle rages, the voices get louder and the dividing lines are drawn. We refuse to give up the right to be right and we hold firm and dig our heels in. I know, I’ve done it. No one wants to give up their right to be right, their opportunity toContinue reading “who wants to always be right?”