who else needs a shift in perspective?

We can only see through our own perspective. Our life history, the experiences we have lives through, the choices, hurts and disappointments we have found ourselves in. Yet the word of God challenges us to consider His perspective. The perspective of God from which we were created, bear His image and are called to surrenderContinue reading “who else needs a shift in perspective?”

who wants to make progress?

{five minute friday: progress} Progress is defined as the forward or onward movement toward a destination. So what is the destination or goal? You only know you’re making progress if you know the destination. Every one of us is headed somewhere. Those who have placed their faith in Jesus as Savior have an eternal destinationContinue reading “who wants to make progress?”

sometimes things happen where we least expect

Recently a friend commented to me “Many things happen where we least expect.” I haven’t been able to shake that comment as it has turned around in my mind feeling for a place to wedge in. The thing is that this sort of true statement removes all control from our hands. As if we everContinue reading “sometimes things happen where we least expect”

who else wants to impact your kids without nagging?

Comfort, ease and health. I would love to make all things go smoothly and well in the life of my husband, children and family. Wouldn’t you? We often try to manipulate and control those we love in an attempt to fix their life, as we deem necessary. We might even offer unsolicited advice, which usContinue reading “who else wants to impact your kids without nagging?”

how to keep familiarity from killing respect

five minute friday: respect Recently a snake found its way to the garden. Perched on the fence, it watched me water and tend to the tomato plants and pile some jalapenos in my bag. As I walked over to toss the dead leaves over the fence I came nearly eye to eye with him. IContinue reading “how to keep familiarity from killing respect”

how to turn that affliction into testimony

Hindsight is 20/20, we council ourselves and others with this in order to keep pressing on through a difficult season. When will the pain end, the trial evaporate and the fear subside? Life is just hard and offers plenty of opportunities for trials that plumule our hearts and leave us bloody and fearful when theContinue reading “how to turn that affliction into testimony”

living out the truth to the young

five minute friday: young Being young makes you vulnerable to many things. We have much to learn when we’re young. Life, marriage, parenting, relationships, career, trials, pains, losses. Seems the older we get we more we realize we knew so little when we were young. Paul speaks right into this when he writes to hisContinue reading “living out the truth to the young”