need a great summer read?

“Relief is momentary: it’s checking out, numbing, sedating yourself. Television is relief. Eating a bag of cookies is relief. Tequila is relief. And let’s be honest– relief is what we reach for because it’s immediate and usually within our grasp. Most of us turn there, when what we really need is restoration.” John Eldridge doesContinue reading “need a great summer read?”

the secret to a good garden

Tending my physical garden is life-giving to me. Having not been much of a green thumb until the last few years, I am amazed at my own ability to grow and tend a little backyard garden. It’s interesting how much motivation plays a role in how engaged we become in something. I dearly love goodContinue reading “the secret to a good garden”

how to love those we don’t

How can we love others like Jesus does? Last week the five minute friday community gave the challenge to write on the topic “people”. The more I pondered the passages the Lord led me to in writing this post, the more it wouldn’t let me go. The practical, lived-out “how” always rolls around in myContinue reading “how to love those we don’t”

how can we really see people?

five minute friday:people People. Humans. Inhabitants in the world. Made in the image of God. He remembers we are but mere dust according to Psalm 103:14. And yet He made us fearfully and wonderfully (Psalm 139:14). He took the time to fashion, make, form and create each one. Not just speaking each into being asContinue reading “how can we really see people?”

how to let Scripture dictate

What is it that dictates our actions? Is it how we feel on a particular day? Or how much sleep we got last night, how well we feel or not? Or is it even our circumstances and how others are acting towards us in any given moment? I am certainly guilty of allowing my circumstancesContinue reading “how to let Scripture dictate”

who couldn’t use a good devotional?

Quiet time. Devotion time. Time with the Lord. Bible study time. Regardless what you call it, my hope is that you are doing it. I did not surrender my life to the Lord until November of 2000. Until that year, I had never actually opened a Bible. I had never notably heard of Noah andContinue reading “who couldn’t use a good devotional?”

new mercies after compromise

five minute friday: compromise I drank the wine. I ate the cookie. I had told Him I would not. I compromised the fast He called me to. I listened and gave in to what my flesh wanted rather than clinging to the Holy One who never compromises His word, His truth or, thankfully, His steadfastContinue reading “new mercies after compromise”

who else wants to rest your mind in a good book?

Late night, flashlight and head under my covers is how I spent most of my childhood nights. I was a fervent reader as a kid. Then life happened and who had time to pick up a book in the midst of marriage, cooking, diaper changing? It certainly had to be a good book and somethingContinue reading “who else wants to rest your mind in a good book?”

the secret to removing the bugs

My grapevine is only a year old. It has grown wildly fast this season and I have been amazed and impressed with how big the leaves are and how well it has climbed the fence while stretching its roots in the sandy coastal soil. But lately I have noticed it had looked less than healthy.Continue reading “the secret to removing the bugs”