moving forward to the unknown

five minute friday: forward 2019 crept in without much fan fare as we huddled close in the wake of the storm that had swept us into an unfamiliar town and a painful season of grief over the greatest loss we had felt to date. But 2019 brought healing in the form of a family vacationContinue reading “moving forward to the unknown”

dare to reimagine

Reimagine.Life has a glorious, thrilling and often times hair-raising way of turning out so very differently than we imagined, doesn’t it? When, as a young girl of six, I watched my parents divorce and move to separate states, I never imagined I would be walked down the isle with my arm linked in my Dad’sContinue reading “dare to reimagine”

looking for normal, longing for stability

five minute friday: normal How can there be a normal in the midst of an ever changing life? How can we find a norm when everything keeps changing? These men-children keep growing and going. This man keeps graying, reminding me of my own roots. The bills ebb and flow and, by God’s grace, the provisionContinue reading “looking for normal, longing for stability”


Two hundred thirty-four. That is how many times the Word of God mentions remembering. What is it to remember? It may be a bit like the word implies. Re-membering, to member again, to put back into order. One definition for member is the constituent piece of a complex structure. Aren’t our lives the complex structureContinue reading “re-membering”