How to find rest in Bible study

Rest doesn’t come naturally to me. Even when I am physically still, I am still emotionally and mentally very active. I easily overthink and over ponder to the point of overwhelming my own self. I default to the belief that rest equals physically doing nothing, and as a mom and wife, that is an impossibility.Continue reading “How to find rest in Bible study”

How to practice grace through communing with God

When my husband and I began dating 25 years ago, we called one another every day. We visited each other’s apartments and we would spend hours talking constantly. We would even run errands together. No one had to tell us to spend time together or talk with each other. The more we talked and spentContinue reading “How to practice grace through communing with God”

Guide to an Uncluttered Soul

Life is littered with noise and cluttered with expectations. We sift through social media and navigate our way around podcasts, news, Netflix and the like only to feel full of junk food by bedtime. We are left feeling empty, drained and weighed down. I came to the Lord in the cluttered season of young motherhoodContinue reading “Guide to an Uncluttered Soul”