breath prayer: tend your soul in seasons of change

Welcome to Tending through the Seasons series, where writers from various seasons of life share how they are tending their soul by the Word of God through their current season. Meet Celia Miller. She is a wife, writer and avid lover, and pursuer of Jesus. She and her husband reside in Greenwood, Indiana with theirContinue reading “breath prayer: tend your soul in seasons of change”

who else could use a soul lift?

{five minute friday: lift} Burdens feel heavy and drag us down. The weight of too many decisions, the speed of too many obligations and the pressure of the too much all press in on us. The beauty of God’s Word often lies in its relatability to our own modern lives. David was a king thousandsContinue reading “who else could use a soul lift?”

tending through the seasons

Seasons of life carry various rhythms with them. Our rhythms determine how we spend our time. Some seasons carry busier rhythms than others with responsibilities and obligations that keep us moving all day. Some seasons carry slower paces with less tugs on our schedule. Whether you work inside or outside the home, whether you areContinue reading “tending through the seasons”

tending tuesday: a slice of heaven

Welcome to Tending Tuesday! This week I want to introduce you to Leslie C. Glass. She is an encourager, writer, and morning mentor.  She helps women develop spiritual morning rhythms that they are committed to and confident in.  Her latest release is the Summertime Journal for the First Fruits Woman, a daily guide to aContinue reading “tending tuesday: a slice of heaven”

reorienting towards the light

Noticing the unusual display of light and shadow on the wall cast by the sunlight, I turned to look for its source. The leaves of the palm I had moved to that corner seemed to glow as the sunlight spilled over it and through its leaves. That’s when I noticed the dry soil and offeredContinue reading “reorienting towards the light”

tending tuesday: practical prayer time

Welcome to Tending Tuesday! This week I want to introduce you to Caitlin Mallery. She is a writer, poet, mom, and all around woman. She wants to chat about the ways we can do ordinary things extraordinarily well. You can find her on Instagram (link at the bottom of post) sharing about poetry and theContinue reading “tending tuesday: practical prayer time”

finding hope in desperation

{five minute friday: excuses} Last week I found myself sitting in the ICU waiting room with my mother and grown sons while my husband had a life-saving heart procedure done. I had no idea that was where the day’s events would lead me but there I was. I brought that man home three days laterContinue reading “finding hope in desperation”