how to prep the soil of your heart

My little garden is in the back end of our yard. It’s tiny but inviting. As I stroll towards it in the morning, I feel the release of the noise falling away and the draw of peace as I near it. The little bench remains on one end, inviting us both, Jesus and I. IContinue reading “how to prep the soil of your heart”

learning gentle rhythms

{five minute friday: gentle} Gentle was the word that erupted from the young woman’s mouth as her young son reached his hand out to pat our excited pup. I wasn’t sure whether it was a command for my dog or her son. Maybe both. We demand gentleness from others but so easily fail to offerContinue reading “learning gentle rhythms”

tending tuesday: when it’s not easy to pray

Welcome to Tending Tuesday! This week, I want to introduce Miriam Kook. She collaborated as a composer and music director with playwright and lyricist Steffi Rubin on a play about adoption called “My Other Mother” which enjoyed two staged readings in the Maryland area recently. She is currently writing her own musical about fatherless girlsContinue reading “tending tuesday: when it’s not easy to pray”

the art of practicing prayer

{Communing with God Series: Part 3} As we seek to spend time practicing prayer, let’s begin by looking at the last two parts of Psalm 51, a prayer of repentance. The first part of the psalm was the “cleansing” part. This is the portion of the psalm where David acknowledges his wrongful behavior. This portionContinue reading “the art of practicing prayer”

the most important step in bible study

{five minute friday: redeem} Opening the Bible for the first time at 23 years old, I had no idea what to expect. Honestly, wasn’t even certain it would be written in a language I could understand. As an atheist, I had come to the place where I needed to defend my unbelief to my newContinue reading “the most important step in bible study”

from atheist to pray-er

{Communing with God Series: Part 2} Atheists don’t pray. Seems obvious but it bears stating because when God gripped my atheist heart by the power of His Word, I was at a loss for words. That is unusual for this word lover! As I pressed in deeper to the Life-giving Word, I saw such beautifulContinue reading “from atheist to pray-er”

tending tuesday: surprised by a joyful discipline

Welcome to Tending Tuesday! This week I want to introduce you to Jodie Cooper. She is an incredible sinner saved by a more incredible God. After years of painful misunderstandings about the Christian life, a crisis in her marriage finally led her to understand the gospel and it’s power to change lives. She now producesContinue reading “tending tuesday: surprised by a joyful discipline”

is it really possible?

{five minute friday: possible} The last 365 days have offered to the world that which we once scoffed at and thought would not ever be possible. A world wide attack sub-sequential shut down due to a microscopic virus was certainly not something we saw coming. Though most of what has been left in the wakeContinue reading “is it really possible?”