From atheist to pray-er

{Communing with God Series: Part 2} Atheists don’t pray. Seems obvious but it bears stating because when God gripped my atheist heart by the power of His Word, I was at a loss for words. That is unusual for this word lover! As I pressed in deeper to the Life-giving Word, I saw such beautifulContinue reading “From atheist to pray-er”

Surprised by a joyful discipline

Welcome to Tending Tuesday! This week I want to introduce you to Jodie Cooper. She is an incredible sinner saved by a more incredible God. After years of painful misunderstandings about the Christian life, a crisis in her marriage finally led her to understand the gospel and it’s power to change lives. She now producesContinue reading “Surprised by a joyful discipline”

Who else needs the newness of spring?

The first green leaves poked through the soil today in the garden. The hope of coming salsa felt exciting as the new onion leaves reached up. It’s nearly time to get the other ingredients into the soil and let them start stretching out and settling their roots into the nourishment. As spring blows in warmthContinue reading “Who else needs the newness of spring?”

Tending peace into real life

In acceptance lies peace. A phrase written by Amy Carmichael many years ago, that took root in my mind several months ago and has yet to be cut free. Peace seems to elude us and yet we humans continue to seek after it grasping in it’s direction with desperation. Through Lent I have been tendingContinue reading “Tending peace into real life”