a guide for peace, rest and stability

What is it I might be treasuring? Not what do I hope to be treasuring, but what is actually a treasure to me? Jesus said that where our treasure is, our heart will also be in Matthew 6:21. So what is it that has great value in my heart? Anything my heart treasures becomes theContinue reading “a guide for peace, rest and stability”

when we are yearning for the completion

Starting is great. The beginning of a project or a plan or a vacation or even just the start of a new day, all bring with them hope and excitement. The only thing better than starting is completing. When I close the last page of a book or come to the end of a longContinue reading “when we are yearning for the completion”

finding my identity

Tell me about yourself, I was recently asked. The titles and ways I identify myself rolled through my mind. I’m a wife, mom, daughter, sister, writer, friend. How we identify ourselves determines how we think and thereby how we respond to others and life circumstances. This gets beneath outward labels and really is the identityContinue reading “finding my identity”

above the noise: what does the Bible say about listening?

Being human is hard. We often live from a storm-tossed place with noise that can feel deafening even when it isn’t audible. Walking hospital corridors towards the ICU to see my husband; rushing through afternoon traffic to get my son to the urgent care as the hives took over his neck; and getting a franticContinue reading “above the noise: what does the Bible say about listening?”

when a Bible study habit becomes a rhythm of grace

The alarm assaults my senses as I stir from sleep. Immediately anxious thoughts flood my barely conscious mind. Concerns about the day ahead and responsibilities mingle with regret as guilt creeps in like the unwanted but familiar enemy it is. Before the hot coffee hits the bottom of the mug, I am already feeling defeatedContinue reading “when a Bible study habit becomes a rhythm of grace”

desperate enough to know Him

I was desperate but I didn’t know what I was desperate for. I was an atheist with a new baby and new marriage that was already falling apart. I opened a borrowed Bible desperate for answers. It seemed my last resort. I had to prove this book wrong in order to shut my husband upContinue reading “desperate enough to know Him”

finding mercy in a new season

For the first time in nearly two decades, the school year is beginning and I am not purchasing curriculum, planning out lessons or navigating the schedule of the coming months for my boys’ education. Completing a long journey is bittersweet. After years of prayerfully homeschooling our sons, I am now left with loads of memoriesContinue reading “finding mercy in a new season”

pausing to refill for the season ahead

It’s been a hot summer on the coast this year, maybe every year, but this one has been peppered with less hilltop experiences and more valleys and valleys hold the heat more so. So it has been in this post-ish season of pandemics and upheavals both in our personal and cultural life. Just hot, drainingContinue reading “pausing to refill for the season ahead”

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