Remembering Whose We Are [podcast]

Hey friend! Welcome to episode 2 of the Tending your Soul podcast! We are seeking to slow down and lean into the Lord through His word using my TEND method and this season we are gleaning from the book of Ruth. Last week we tended through verse one of Ruth. And today we are goingContinue reading “Remembering Whose We Are [podcast]”

Hearing God over Culture [podcast]

Hey friend! Welcome to the 1st episode of the Tending your Soul podcast! As I am recording this, the season in my neck of the woods is spring and all the transitions and new life that come with that are making themselves evident around me. Along with the obvious transitions in nature, I am alsoContinue reading “Hearing God over Culture [podcast]”

If you’re carrying a burden

Shifting the burden from one shoulder to the other only offers temporary relief. The weight brings an ache that strains the body and makes the climb cumbersome. Moving the burden to the front only makes focusing more difficult as it blinds her to the path ahead. Slinging the burden over her shoulder to carry itContinue reading “If you’re carrying a burden”

How to live tethered to Truth

Truth does not equal your interpretation of a situation, a feeling, a loss, a moment. Truth is not what my mind thinks up or what my heart feels. That many be true of my response, but it is not The Truth that upholds. Truth is not what the enemy whispers or what the world shouts.Continue reading “How to live tethered to Truth”

How to hear Him speak through His Word?

The noise in my own thoughts jarred me awake. The room was still dark as my husband lay sound asleep next to me. The concerns began to flood my mind as I slipped out from under the warm blankets. The comfort of the bed offers no consolation when my mind is tangling tighter and tighterContinue reading “How to hear Him speak through His Word?”

Finding a new perspective

In the noise of this world, everything seems to be loud, important, and urgent. Big news, colorful memes, buzzing phones and then the responsibilities and demands that tug at us like a dog with a rope toy. Robbing us of the eternal importance of silence, stillness and truth. Slipping under the covers at night, feelingContinue reading “Finding a new perspective”

3 Tips for Walking Wisely in 2022

“These are desperate times!” These words from Ephesians 5:16 in the Message translation ring true even today. We live in a desperate time in human history, regardless where in the world we find ourselves right now. So much pain, loss and fear-inducing events swirl around us. Even with feet firmly planted in Christ, believers can get shaken. The timeContinue reading “3 Tips for Walking Wisely in 2022”

How to be tethered over tangled

In the uncertainty of life and the instability offered by most days, we often find ourselves continually searching for promises to count on. Where can we tether our hearts for stability when everything feels tangled? Simeon was just a guy who loved the Lord, as Luke 2:25 points out. God had revealed to him thatContinue reading “How to be tethered over tangled”

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