how to hear the Gardener’s voice

Time in the Word of God is the backbone for tending our life. His Word provides guidance, direction, clarity and encouragement. 2 Timothy 3:16-17 promises us that God’s Word is breathed out by God Himself and is profitable for us to teach us, reproof us, correct us and train us up in righteousness so you and I will be equipped for every good work He puts before us in each day, from the small and mundane to the life-altering details.

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Having not known the Word of God until I came to surrender my life to Him at 23 years old, I lived life without direction. Once I gave my life to follow Christ, I began to know and grow in my knowledge of Him through His Word. But it wasn’t until I began truly reading the Bible and applying its truths for myself (without being dependent on a written Bible study) that I began to really hear God’s guidance for my own life in the daily nitty gritty. This method does take practice and patience and much prayer because God alone, through the Holy Spirit, can provide the clarity and direction you need. But the method is simple, I needed simple and I needed relatively quick. You can add to this as you have time and dig far deeper. But this is what I do every morning in a matter of a few minutes in order to tend my way according to His Word. May it bless you.

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