Time in the Word of God is the backbone for tending our life. His Word provides guidance, direction, clarity and encouragement. 2 Timothy 3:16-17 teaches that it is profitable to teach, reprove, correct and train us up in righteousness so you and I will be equipped for every good work He has given us, from the small & mundane to the life-altering details.

Drop your email in the boxes of the gardening tools that might best help you tend your life by the Word.

How to Hear the Gardener’s Voice

This method does take practice and patience and prayer. You can add to this as you have time and dig far deeper. But this is what I do every morning in a matter of a few minutes in order to tend my way according to His Word. May it bless you.

Adoring God

This PDF is a great tool to help realign our minds on who God is. I look up the verses and then prayerfully consider IF this is true of God (and it is), THEN how do I need to respond.

Tending Your Mind

Romans 12 urges believers to not be conformed by the world but rather to be transformed by the renewing of our mind. What we meditate on will dictate how we feel and thus dictate what we do. If we want to live with peace and security, it begins with a renewed mind. Here are 10 verses based on the character of God to help transform our minds.

31 Days Scripture Prayer Calendar

Praying Scripture over our loved ones (and ourselves) is the most powerful way to pray, as it calls on God’s Word and promises. This 31 day reusable calendar offers a daily verse for us to pray over a child (or even a spouse, friend, or anyone). I hope it will bless and encourage you as it does for me!