an invitation to her table

{five minute friday: she} She changed my life. She captured my heart and my attention from the beginning. I met a woman in my early years of walking with the Lord who I was taken by and sought to be mentored by from the start. She demonstrated Jesus so beautifully and with such grace thatContinue reading “an invitation to her table”

finding the healing we crave

I’m sick. Terminally and eternally ill. Unfortunately so are you. The sickness of sin permeates every person, regardless of culture, race, nationality, financial standing or popularity. There is no remedy apart from Jesus, the Son of God, who lived, died and was resurrected as the eternal remedy for that sickness that leads to death. OnceContinue reading “finding the healing we crave”

permission to pause

{five minute friday: permission} The alarm jingles, the phone starts buzzing, the kids have needs, lunches need to be packed and the day spins to a start. Noise and demands and distractions press in. I escape to the garden. The one place I can’t rush. The small yellow petals of the tomato flower have givenContinue reading “permission to pause”

how to release the pressure

{five minute friday: pressure} My Instant Pot makes hissing sounds when it finishes cooking and releases the pressure within that it used to cook our meal. Thing is, I also hiss when I have pressure built up within me. The pressure of time demands, the pull of the phone, the responsibilities, anxieties and even theContinue reading “how to release the pressure”

learning gentle rhythms

{five minute friday: gentle} Gentle was the word that erupted from the young woman’s mouth as her young son reached his hand out to pat our excited pup. I wasn’t sure whether it was a command for my dog or her son. Maybe both. We demand gentleness from others but so easily fail to offerContinue reading “learning gentle rhythms”

the most important step in bible study

{five minute friday: redeem} Opening the Bible for the first time at 23 years old, I had no idea what to expect. Honestly, wasn’t even certain it would be written in a language I could understand. As an atheist, I had come to the place where I needed to defend my unbelief to my newContinue reading “the most important step in bible study”

is it really possible?

{five minute friday: possible} The last 365 days have offered to the world that which we once scoffed at and thought would not ever be possible. A world wide attack sub-sequential shut down due to a microscopic virus was certainly not something we saw coming. Though most of what has been left in the wakeContinue reading “is it really possible?”