a guide for peace, rest and stability

What is it I might be treasuring? Not what do I hope to be treasuring, but what is actually a treasure to me? Jesus said that where our treasure is, our heart will also be in Matthew 6:21. So what is it that has great value in my heart? Anything my heart treasures becomes theContinue reading “a guide for peace, rest and stability”

when we are yearning for the completion

Starting is great. The beginning of a project or a plan or a vacation or even just the start of a new day, all bring with them hope and excitement. The only thing better than starting is completing. When I close the last page of a book or come to the end of a longContinue reading “when we are yearning for the completion”

soul-tending in summer

{five minute friday: summer} Summer. Typically the season of an overflowing garden, bright, red tomatoes and an abundance of jalapeños, just waiting to be picked for the next batch of salsa. This year has been different. I diligently prepped and planted in early spring, as usual. But then the late frost hit, covering the tomatoesContinue reading “soul-tending in summer”

who else could use a soul lift?

{five minute friday: lift} Burdens feel heavy and drag us down. The weight of too many decisions, the speed of too many obligations and the pressure of the too much all press in on us. The beauty of God’s Word often lies in its relatability to our own modern lives. David was a king thousandsContinue reading “who else could use a soul lift?”

finding hope in desperation

{five minute friday: excuses} Last week I found myself sitting in the ICU waiting room with my mother and grown sons while my husband had a life-saving heart procedure done. I had no idea that was where the day’s events would lead me but there I was. I brought that man home three days laterContinue reading “finding hope in desperation”

an invitation to her table

{five minute friday: she} She changed my life. She captured my heart and my attention from the beginning. I met a woman in my early years of walking with the Lord who I was taken by and sought to be mentored by from the start. She demonstrated Jesus so beautifully and with such grace thatContinue reading “an invitation to her table”

finding the healing we crave

I’m sick. Terminally and eternally ill. Unfortunately so are you. The sickness of sin permeates every person, regardless of culture, race, nationality, financial standing or popularity. There is no remedy apart from Jesus, the Son of God, who lived, died and was resurrected as the eternal remedy for that sickness that leads to death. OnceContinue reading “finding the healing we crave”