redeeming the experiences

Reaching into my pocket after another walk on the beach with my dog this afternoon, I am met with the feel of the rough shells and the bit of sand that collected in the corner of the pocket. My heart overflows into a smile on my face, having enjoyed the experience with my dog andContinue reading “redeeming the experiences”

five biblical practices to replenish your weary soul

In 2019, our family of four moved two hours away from our hometown—leaving friends, family, and familiarity behind. During this transition, we also celebrated the graduation of our firstborn from high school.Later in the year, my daddy was diagnosed with terminal cancer and went to be with Jesus three short months later. The pain, theContinue reading “five biblical practices to replenish your weary soul”

three ways to simplify the walk

We easily complicate things, don’t we? Maybe it’s just me, but I can add rules and boundaries and expectations so fast that I can hardly catch my breath! I have to be intentional to keep things simple, uncluttered in my mind and heart. This is especially true in my relationship with Jesus. That is whyContinue reading “three ways to simplify the walk”

three ways for cultivating with grace

Welcome to the new year! Something about a fresh start and a new calendar feels so inviting, doesn’t it? Like fresh mercies and grace lies all around us waiting to be gathered. As we step into the new, we must carry with us what we learned before. For me the lack of discipline and theContinue reading “three ways for cultivating with grace”

grasping peace for the new year

What is it about peace that makes it seem like gathering water in the hand and trying to fill a bucket? It slips through small places we can barely even see light through. The overflowing handful quickly becomes a teaspoon splash added to teaspoon splash. Yet our souls crave it. No, need it. We canContinue reading “grasping peace for the new year”

an essential glimpse of a masterpiece

My first attempt at reading through the Bible came in my early twenties, as a new mom and young wife and self-proclaimed atheist. My goal was to disprove the Bible so as to get out of having to attend church with my husband, who had been raised in it and felt that other than footballContinue reading “an essential glimpse of a masterpiece”

how to pluck the weeds of anxiety

Life offers plenty of opportunities to worry, which seems increasingly true these days. Will the kids go back to school? Will I lose my job? Will my health be affected by the virus? Will we be safe? Will life ever return to how it once was? I, for one, can worry even in good times,Continue reading “how to pluck the weeds of anxiety”

roses among thorns

Early December, early morning and there’s frost on the ground for the first time this season. Not a welcome sight on this anniversary of my Dad’s passing. Looking out at the unexpected icy white lawn did seem fitting for the unexpected loss we felt two years ago as my Dad passed into Heaven. Sitting downContinue reading “roses among thorns”