how do we hear Him speak through His Word?

The noise in my own thoughts jarred me awake. The room was still dark as my husband lay sound asleep next to me. The concerns began to flood my mind as I slipped out from under the warm blankets. The comfort of the bed offers no consolation when my mind is tangling tighter and tighterContinue reading “how do we hear Him speak through His Word?”

how to praise in advance

The dark night, the wearisome task and the bleating sheep surrounded the shepherds. Heaven split open with light like they had never seen and with a proclamation of joy, they learned of this Baby’s birth. Making haste, they headed straight for this promise. The angels making the joyful announcement had not yet seen the fulfillmentContinue reading “how to praise in advance”

a guide for peace, rest and stability

What is it I might be treasuring? Not what do I hope to be treasuring, but what is actually a treasure to me? Jesus said that where our treasure is, our heart will also be in Matthew 6:21. So what is it that has great value in my heart? Anything my heart treasures becomes theContinue reading “a guide for peace, rest and stability”