how do we hear Him speak through His Word?

The noise in my own thoughts jarred me awake. The room was still dark as my husband lay sound asleep next to me. The concerns began to flood my mind as I slipped out from under the warm blankets. The comfort of the bed offers no consolation when my mind is tangling tighter and tighterContinue reading “how do we hear Him speak through His Word?”

3 tips for walking wisely in 2022

“These are desperate times!” These words from Ephesians 5:16 in the Message translation ring true even today. We live in a desperate time in human history, regardless where in the world we find ourselves right now. So much pain, loss and fear-inducing events swirl around us. Even with feet firmly planted in Christ, believers can get shaken. The timeContinue reading “3 tips for walking wisely in 2022”

how to praise in advance

The dark night, the wearisome task and the bleating sheep surrounded the shepherds. Heaven split open with light like they had never seen and with a proclamation of joy, they learned of this Baby’s birth. Making haste, they headed straight for this promise. The angels making the joyful announcement had not yet seen the fulfillmentContinue reading “how to praise in advance”

how to find rest in bible study

Rest doesn’t come naturally to me. Even when I am physically still, I am still emotionally and mentally very active. I easily overthink and over ponder to the point of overwhelming my own self. I default to the belief that rest equals physically doing nothing, and as a mom and wife, that is an impossibility.Continue reading “how to find rest in bible study”

a guide to an uncluttered soul

Life is littered with noise and cluttered with expectations. We sift through social media and navigate our way around podcasts, news, Netflix and the like only to feel full of junk food by bedtime. We are left feeling empty, drained and weighed down. I came to the Lord in the cluttered season of young motherhoodContinue reading “a guide to an uncluttered soul”

when we are yearning for the completion

Starting is great. The beginning of a project or a plan or a vacation or even just the start of a new day, all bring with them hope and excitement. The only thing better than starting is completing. When I close the last page of a book or come to the end of a longContinue reading “when we are yearning for the completion”

finding my identity

Tell me about yourself, I was recently asked. The titles and ways I identify myself rolled through my mind. I’m a wife, mom, daughter, sister, writer, friend. How we identify ourselves determines how we think and thereby how we respond to others and life circumstances. This gets beneath outward labels and really is the identityContinue reading “finding my identity”