how to be tethered over tangled

In the uncertainty of life and the instability offered by most days, we often find ourselves continually searching for promises to count on. Where can we tether our hearts for stability when everything feels tangled? Simeon was just a guy who loved the Lord, as Luke 2:25 points out. God had revealed to him thatContinue reading “how to be tethered over tangled”

how to practice grace through communing with God

When my husband and I began dating 25 years ago, we called one another every day. We visited each other’s apartments and we would spend hours talking constantly. We would even run errands together. No one had to tell us to spend time together or talk with each other. The more we talked and spentContinue reading “how to practice grace through communing with God”

who else is easily distracted?

I did it again this morning. I let distraction come before time with the Lord. The buzzing and chiming of the distractions calls to me like the ring to Gollum. My Precious, and my eyes widen and focus on that which is not worthy of that kind of focus or attention. Meanwhile my bible remainsContinue reading “who else is easily distracted?”

Tending Tuesday and *a giveaway*

Welcome to *Tending Tuesday*, our opportunity to hear a fellow writer’s voice, one who is seeking to encourage others in their walk with Jesus while tending her own life by the Word of God. Meet Leah Adams, one of the first bloggers I met on my first blogging go round many years ago… An anointedContinue reading “Tending Tuesday and *a giveaway*”

how to breathe in the truth

{five minute friday: breathe} Our minds and our breathing are interestingly intertwined. When we are fearful, we take shallow breathes, even leading to panic attacks or hyperventilating at times. When we are sad and weeping, we often take breaths that reflect that. Even in our tiredness, our breathing is affected as we yawn. If we,Continue reading “how to breathe in the truth”

how to practice grace through adoration

Names have always mattered to me. Having been given a name that required pronouncing and resaying to people and spelling it out, it has really given me an appreciation for names, not mine per say, but names none the less. When the Lord began to teach and reteach me certain grace practices, I realized thatContinue reading “how to practice grace through adoration”

from hating church to loving Church

{five minute friday: church} I spent many years hating the church. I grew up in a home that seemed to need Jesus more than most, yet I rejected Him fiercely. Even to the point of throwing out my at-the-time boyfriend’s shirt that said “fear not” because the Bible verse printed on it taunted me soContinue reading “from hating church to loving Church”