the simplicity of observation

Sitting on the cold garden bench I noticed the hint of green on the brown tapestry of soil. I got closer and saw one of the carrott seeds from the previous season had decided to press through the soil now, six months late. I smiled at the thought of late bloomers. Poor little guy wouldContinue reading “the simplicity of observation”

redeeming the experiences

Reaching into my pocket after another walk on the beach with my dog this afternoon, I am met with the feel of the rough shells and the bit of sand that collected in the corner of the pocket. My heart overflows into a smile on my face, having enjoyed the experience with my dog andContinue reading “redeeming the experiences”

new habits from desperation

Well here we are, mid-February, about the time most have forgotten about resolutions and goals for the year. I am really good at starting things but it’s the finishing I tend to get a bit side-tracked on. Several years ago I stopped making resolutions and began prayerfully choosing grace habits that I could cultivate. IContinue reading “new habits from desperation”

how to win the argument

I don’t even remember what started the argument. It had escalated. Words were cutting, feelings were hurt and pride walls were built. I laid in bed at night mulling over it all, playing back on repeat all that he said but having perfect amnesia over my own sinful words and attitudes. But as I nestledContinue reading “how to win the argument”

ways to escape the exasperation

The feeling of overwhelm crawled up my throat and I nearly felt the physical drowning of it. Ugh, was all I could muster. Some days it all seems to cave in around me and my own emotions tumble with the news and the circumstances and the trials. The spiritual weariness seems to creep into myContinue reading “ways to escape the exasperation”