Tend your soul for Easter

As the Easter Sunday celebrations draw near, our hearts can tend towards distraction and worldliness that keeps us tangled in our own minds. Tether your heart to the rich seed of the Word by inviting the Gardener to tend your soul in the week leading up to Easter. Using the Tend method of Bible study you will be guided to know God better through the next 7 days.


Psalm 16 is a beautiful reminder of the glorious inheritance we have in Christ. But the dark side of the coin is that someone must die for someone else to gain an inheritance. The darkness of Good Friday is that Jesus did die. He took on the sin of humanity to pay the penalty for it on the cross. The wages of sin is death, as Romans 6:23 points out.

The glory of Resurrection Sunday is that Jesus did not stay dead but gave His life as a ransom for many and rose again to conquer sin and death!

Prepare your heart for Easter by tending the soil of your heart with the seed of the Word. Tell us where to send your 7-day guided journal, Tending through Psalm 16.