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Life empties and drains us of spiritual joy, of physical energy, of mental peace.

Maybe that is why straight out of the gates, God inspired Dr. Luke to open his scroll to Theophilus with a filling of the Holy Spirit. We see it three times in just this first chapter of Luke.

God came to fill. He knows our empty places and seeks to fill those places with Himself.

How can we let Him be our filling as we prepare our hearts for Christmas this year?

  1. Let’s pause in the midst of the disappointment and expectations to sit and reflect on where we feel empty.
  2. Then let’s pray, asking the Spirit of God to meet us in this grieving and give us His eternal perspective over our temporal one.
  3. Finally, we can praise, using our words of testimony to point others to the One who meets us in the lack and fills us with His joy, peace and love regardless how we feel.

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10 thoughts on “filling up

  1. I’m thinking of that old song, “Fill my cup, Lord.” And then I’m reminding in Psalm 23 we are told He fills our cup to overflowing. How I need it!

  2. Mariel, I just posted today about my word for 2020, which was “full.” So of course your post got my attention, and I loved every word. “God came to fill.” Yes and amen!

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