Finding Hope in Desperation

Last week I found myself sitting in the ICU waiting room with my mother and grown sons while my husband had a life-saving heart procedure done. I had no idea that was where the day’s events would lead me but there I was.

I brought that man home three days later with much gratitude. Walking hand in hand to the car after signing the discharge paperwork still felt unbelievable. How was this all happening? This was not the weekend plans we anticipated. But I was acutely aware that it could have been much worse. For that I was grateful.

No more excuses. Now he had to make lifestyle changes, food, exercise, habits had to be adjusted to meet the needs of his body. The excuses died with the heart attack.

I keep thinking how that is the case is so many other ways. We hold tightly to our excuses until they finally fail us and desperation slays the excuses.

I don’t have time, I don’t have the focus, I don’t even know where to start.

We let excuses dictate until the storm hits and the desperation sinks in. What if we silenced the excuses and did the hard thing BEFOREHAND? What if rather than listening to excuses and accommodating that which continually fails us, we set a plan and followed it?

Whether pertaining to our health and our physical bodies or pertaining to time in the Word and our spiritual health. Excuses do us zero favors.

Out of desperation, my dear husband is making changes to his diet and life style. Out of desperation, I daily sneak into my office, Bible and coffee in hand to seek Jesus.

Hope is found in desperation, not in excuses.

My mind is powerful and anxious and my imagination is wild, so I am desperate to grasp at healing truths that restore and refocus my mind. Psalm 107:20 promises that His Word is sent forth to heal.

It is in my mind where excuses to not meet with God flood in, attempting to drown out the desperation of a mind in turmoil. The desperation has spent too many years fighting back and has overcome the excuses. Like my dear husband fighting old excuses for his new life style; I now fight the excuses for time in the Word.

When we make the choice to listen to excuses, we run the risk of ending up in a desperate situation. But sometimes desperation is the very weapon we need to to kill the age old excuses.

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18 thoughts on “Finding Hope in Desperation”

  1. I’m glad your husband is on the mend, Mariel. I appreciate how you articulated these truths, “Excuses do us zero favors. Hope is found in desperation, not in excuses.”
    Lisa, FMF #13 Excuse Her

  2. Hope your husband is doing well. It’s unfortunate that sometimes we wait too late making excuses,. Thank God, he has time to start making those changes. I’ve been guilty of making excuses for not making important changes myself. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I’m so glad he is doing better!! My husband is in the same boat with lifestyle changes. Thank you for sharing. Deirdre FMF#1

  4. Mariel, I am so sorry to read about your husband’s unexpected heart troubles. I am including both of you in my prayers.I am so glad he is on the mend and making needed changes. You are so right – making excuses doesn’t solve anything.

  5. Mariel, I am glad your husband is home and doing well. May we all be wise and take the necessary steps in keeping ourselves healthy – both physically and spiritually.


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