Finding our Purpose in Him

Who doesn’t want to know their purpose? Why were you created and to what have you been called? We think if we can just know this, then we will gain the focus we need and better able to walk in that purpose.

But through God’s Word He has made it clear that we have purpose and what that purpose is to do. We see throughout Scripture that our general purpose is to know God and make Him known.

As I am spending time in John 1, I am pressing in more to really know the other John he opens his book with, John the Baptist or Baptizer. Obviously this title is not his label in Scripture but it was acquired through the activity he is known for, as we see right in this first chapter of John.

This unique man of God knew two things really well, he knew who he was (verses 19-23) and he knew his purpose (verse 31).

“…for this purpose I came baptizing with water, that He [Jesus] might be revealed to Israel.”

He knew he came doing the task he had been called to do in order to reveal Jesus to Israel. What if every believer and follower of Jesus isn’t called to the same purpose? We are all given tasks to do, what if the purpose of those tasks isn’t also to reveal Jesus?

Whether we are doing the task of homeschooling, raising kids, laundry, working, serving, whatever…regardless of the task before us, what if we are called to do that task with the purpose of revealing Jesus to others?

The original word that is translated “revealed” comes from a word literally meaning to make graspable. So what are you and I doing today, right in the midst of this task we are called to, to make Jesus graspable to those around us?

We must start by grasping Him for ourselves. Spending time in His Word and in prayer is how we cling to our Rock. Then taking the application He teaches us and putting feet to it in our day is how we begin to walk it out. (see Isaiah 50:4)

Then we must go into the day WITH Jesus. Invite Him to lead and guide our steps so we might have eyes to see those who need to know Him. (see Psalm 119:133)

Finally, keep our mind on Him through memorizing and meditating on the Word. It is the only way we can keep our mind grasping Him with all the distractions that come against us through the day. (see Isaiah 26:3)

Then as we walk with Him we will reveal Him and make Him graspable for a world that is desperately grabbing at that which will not hold.

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10 thoughts on “Finding our Purpose in Him”

  1. What a great post! I recently read another post about our purpose being to know Jesus and make Him known. And this here: “So what are you and I doing today, right in the midst of this task we are called to, to make Jesus graspable to those around us?” This is the practical, intentional walking it out. I need to be thinking more about how I am making Jesus known in my world.

    • Praise God! Yes, if we live with the goal of knowing Him and making Him graspable to those around us, then we make a difference in our spheres of influence ❤ thank you for reading and commenting, Jeanne.

  2. Such fresh insight on purpose and walking in it. John the Baptist is a great example. Love the meaning of revealed as “to make graspable.” Wow! And your thought of going into each day with Jesus!

  3. Thank you, Mariel for an encouraging post! I like thinking about John the Baptist as you mentioned. He knew who he was (and wasn’t) and what his purpose was. Sometimes I think I can lose my vision for my purpose because I am busy running ahead of Jesus! So necessary to let Him lead, and show me what I am to do!


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