born into fresh starts


five minute friday: born

Fresh starts and new beginnings flood the air as spring begins to turn into summer. Hope permeates places that have been in desperate need of it, even places within me.

The newborn ducklings waddling across the street as I am forced to wait for their passing. The weight of newly picked tomatoes, jalapeños and onions from the garden fill my basket. Early morning light streams through the windows brighter now as spring takes its full affect.
Birth is the place where hope shows it’s finest colors. Every spring the earth is freshly born from it’s winter death. A new birth of blooming flowers, budding fruits and baby birds returns after the harshness of frost.
The newness gives hope even to my own weary soul after these months of shelter at home, as a seed buried underground all winter starting to emerge. Slowly but surely, I can feel the hopefulness of the months ahead returning. Tentative plans, possible outings and the prospect of a visit provide a twinkle of the hope of what’s to come.
My own soul needs the hope that new beginnings provide, even as I take up the mantle of “writer” once again, under the Lord’s direction. Not knowing where the birth of a journey will lead, yet the first tentative steps in the right direction give glimpses of adventure ahead. Just start small.
Every birth began small, microscopic even. A fusing together of a hope with a dream that was planted deep within. In the fullness of time it comes forth.
Whether in the hope of what’s ahead this summer as the world emerges into it’s new normal. Whether it is the seed of a dream within your own heart. What is the inkling within you that is beginning to come forth? How might you offer the expectation of that birth into the hands of the Lord and follow His lead? He is the Master of new birth.
“In His great mercy, He has given us new birth into living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ.”
1 Peter 1:3

11 thoughts on “born into fresh starts

  1. Late lst night saw the birthof a fresh new cancer-stage,a limit to my time on earth,a turning of the pagefrom when the world was wider,and I could find releasein being an abiderin God's gracious peace.But now the day is frantic,and things once good are changing;on mine own Titanicdeck chairs need re-arrangingfor I am on the cold dark seasinking down to mystery.

    1. oh andrew, i am so very sorry to hear this. praying for you right now and for healing and the peace of God to uphold you

  2. I love the verse you quoted and am so thankful for the new life that Christ gives. Best wishes as you write what the Lord gives you.

  3. We need hope now more than ever. I love your analogy of being planted, ready to emerge, as we endured the stay at home orders. Very lovely.

    1. thank you for the kind words. yes, we are definitely in need of hope right now, grateful we have it in Jesus. God bless you.

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