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“Pedal, pedal pedal!” I can still hear my Dad’s voice behind me as I pumped my legs on that first two wheel bike with a pink seat and shiny streamers in the handlebars. Learning to ride a bike, learning to swim, learning to tie shoes, are some of the practical how-tos of life. It wasn’t until much later in life that I learned the spiritual how-tos.

How to study my Bible, how to memorize Scripture, how to turn my mind towards Truth when the dark lies creep in. Some of the spiritual how-tos that are embedded the deepest are the ones that I learned the hard way, out of desperation. I had walked with the Lord for over a decade and a half when one of the hardest seasons to that point came. My marriage was hanging on by a thread, if that! My sanity was holding on by less than that. I was in desperate need of a renewed mind. I needed to hear the Lord with clarity through His word.

From that desperation, the Lord brought me to a place of learning the two most important how-tos I have ever learned.

First, I learned how to dig into God’s word for myself in a simple way every morning. I didn’t need any extra books or teachers, just a few minutes between me and the Holy Spirit working through a short passage each morning, seeking to better know Him and respond to His lead each day. This simple method has changed my life and grown my intimacy with the Lord more than any other how-to I have ever learned. If you want to know how to implement this simple method in your own quiet time with the Lord, you can subscribe below and receive it in your inbox.

The second how-to that has revolutionized my walk with the Lord is Scripture memory. I have been memorizing Scripture since I began walking with the Lord in 2000. But a couple years ago I began getting very serious with the renewing of my mind, mostly out of desperation too. (Desperation can be a gift.) I began memorizing chapters and books of the Bible rather than independent verses. This made such a difference because the difficulty of it made my mind be forced to focus continually on the same passages over and over. This gift helped push out lies and distractions in my mind like nothing else. Going back over Colossians 1 or Psalm 103 for the umpteenth time has a way of crowding out the nonsense.

As a homeschool mom to nearly grown men, having taught them everything from how to read and ride a bike to how to meditate on Scripture, my greatest hope is they will carry with them the how-tos that really mattered. I am glad they can ride bikes and are strong swimmers, but if they know how to seek God in His word and renew their minds with Truth, then in that I rejoice the most.

What do you consider the most important how-tos you have learned? How will you pass those down to the next generation who don’t yet know?

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16 thoughts on “two important how-tos

  1. I am so very grateful He taught me how to walk with Him each and every day. I don’t know how I would ever get through life without Him.

  2. I LOVED your blog! Great description, very visual, wise, practical and godly advice. How to find Jesus every day is the most important how to in my life. Ho to spread His love to others is the second most important How to in my life.
    Terri D
    # 7 FMF

  3. Beautifully expressed, Mariel.

    I suppose my biggest how-to comes from being in the rapids, and finding hope in a phyical situation that’s profoundly grave. It’s an adaptive process, and one really can’t let up, because the Scylla and Charybris of despair and depression are inches away.

    Basically, I mind what I read, what I watch, what I hear…not to find feel-goods but to find values that endure, examples that will take me just one more step at a time on this fell path.

    1. “not to find feel-goods but to find values that endure” yes! The best gifts are not feel good but values that endure! Thank you for visiting, Andrew!

  4. “Some of the spiritual how-tos that are embedded the deepest are the ones that I learned the hard way, out of desperation.” Gold star for your honesty and observation skills. Me too!

  5. Loved that you chose ‘how to’ and the line ‘desperation can be a gift’ resonated – the greatest ‘how-to’ that I’m learning is to ‘let go and let God’ FMF #6

    1. learning to let go and let God is a big one, for sure! Grateful that as we press into Him, He meets us right where we are is so faithful! <3

  6. I am so glad I came across your blog from the Five Minute Friday website! I just discovered FMF and I am excited to start participating every Friday.

    One of the biggest “How -To’s” God has been teaching me over the years is how to surrender my will to him and grow in trust. My husband and I are going through some pretty big things this year and we have no choice but to give it all to the Lord knowing that he is in control. I have an 11 year old son (who I also homeschool…). I hope and pray that he can see how my husband and I are trusting the Lord through these stressful circumstances, that he will also be able to see God’s faithfulness and know he can trust the Lord as well.

    I am so looking forward to following your blog!


    1. Welcome! Surrendering to the Lord is an ongoing lesson, isn’t it? I am sure your son is seeing more than he let’s on. God is so faithful to reveal Himself to our kids as we continue to press into Him. Praying He meets you all right where you are. Nothing is ever in vain with Him❤

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