when you don’t want to stay

five minute friday: stay

He was in chains, held in jail for preaching the gospel. He would be martyred there for the sake of Christ. He asked other believers to pray for him. Had he asked me, I would pray “Lord, release him. Give him safety and freedom from this painful circumstance and frightening experience.” Not Paul. In Scripture we see Paul asking for prayer not FROM his circumstances but IN his circumstances.

“The words might be given to me in opening my mouth boldly to proclaim the mystery of the gospel, for which I am an ambassador in chains, that I may declare it boldly, as I ought to speak.” (Ephesians 6:20)

How often am I quick to pray for an out when God wants to do something in my stay? Roller coaster marriage that is falling apart at the seams, Lord get me out of this mess. Prodigal child who seems to be making all the wrong choices, Lord rescue him from his own bad decisions. Difficult job with an unreasonable boss, Lord, get me out of this madness and help me find a new job. Seems whatever comes along in life that feels like too much, too long, to difficult, in my estimation, then I am quick to pray for myself or others to get out of it rather than considering to pray for boldness IN it.

What if it is in the testimony of staying in this marriage that God wants to bring redemption? What if the testimony He is building in that prodigal is for the very purpose of demonstrating HIs kindness and grace to them in the long run? What if that very job is the place He is planning to bring many to salvation?

What if the staying is the very will of God?

We are here for just a vapor of time, so maybe the momentary staying in the seemingly long, difficult situation is really meant for us to be bold in our faith and pray for others to be as well. Maybe the staying will be the place God receives the most glory as He draws us to grow in Him and build testimonies that point others to Him. Right there in the staying.

21 thoughts on “when you don’t want to stay

  1. I agree, so often I want to pray away difficult circumstances, but often God has a reason for wanting us to stay in them and he can teach us through them. Visiting from FMF #15.

  2. Powerful words! “…then I am quick to pray myself or others out of it rather than considering to pray for boldness IN it.”

    Checking out your post from 5-Minute Friday and following your blog.

    Blessings to you and yours!


  3. Well, I guess I’ll stay here;
    haven’t got much choice.
    Pain is all that’s really clear,
    and cancer took my voice.
    But no, I do not really mind,
    for there’s a deeper truth
    that it seems I’m made to find
    each day, a kind of proof
    that God is really, truly there,
    and that He has a use
    even for this sad affair
    and it is for me to choose
    to look to what the next day brings,
    as cancer’s chains become bright wings.

    1. oh dear andrew, I continue to pray for you in your suffering. but so very grateful for the way you use your pain to craft such beautiful words to share. praying the Lord makes his presence known to you today.

      1. Thank you, I totally see myself as a praying out person. Most definitely will start praying in. Thank you for such a thought provoking post 😊

  4. Such truth! In our drive-through world staying seems like the most difficult task of all. Thank you for the reminder to stay and allow God time to work.

  5. Mariel, I loved this post because I am a “What if?” person as well 🙂 And so I will add one > What if we are about to see God’s finest work in our country? Blessings!

    1. oh yes, that is so good, joanne! i pray we are about to see Him move is gorgeous and powerful ways like never before. god bless you, thank you for sharing.

  6. This is a beautiful, heartfelt post. It is always hard in the waiting, but perhaps hardest in the staying. Staying is where we grow the most. Thank you for this.

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