Grasping Peace for the New Year

What is it about peace that makes it seem like gathering water in the hand and trying to fill a bucket?

It slips through small places we can barely even see light through. The overflowing handful quickly becomes a teaspoon splash added to teaspoon splash.

Yet our souls crave it. No, need it.

We can do nothing without peace. Those who lack it the most go mad. How can we possibly gather the peace we need and hold on to it with some level of stability?

Maybe peace itself is less of an illusive feeling and more of something that is truly tangible. Peace, as spoken of in the Bible is in fact not illusive at all.

Peace is a Person.

Jesus is the Prince of Peace and He alone offers peace far differently than the peace that the world offers. He offers us the lasting, permanent peace of Himself, His Spirit. So where can we go to capture this peace and lay hold of it as Mary at the Garden tomb grasped the feet of Peace and didn’t want to let go?

It is far more tangible for you and I as we now have this Prince of Peace who is also the Word of God right in our hands.

The Bible is where we have the stability of His peace and the presence of His Spirit made tangible to us for the taking. Yet we so easily pass by it in the morning and go out into the world searching like a beggar for the peace we lack.

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.

Not as the world gives do I give to you.

Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.”

Jesus promised it to His disciples and to us, who would one day follow Him as well. He leaves us His peace, not an ungraspable, slipping idea but real, solid peace that keeps hearts from being troubled and afraid.

So am I grasping the right peace?

We can know it is the right peace, the eternal, real peace if it is from God’s word. If it is giving us the right perspective and if it is in the Person of Jesus.

Memorizing the Word so our minds are on the Word, praying to give Him our cares so we get His perspective in return and spending time in the Word who is the Person of Jesus is where we will find true lasting peace, that not even the uncertainty of the new year can remove.

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