help in the unstable places

{five minute friday: help}

Instability has come for us in fresh ways in the last year, hasn’t it?

Seems every area of life has been shaken by uncertainty and instability. Plans have been cancelled, money lost, children sent home and fears have become reality for many.

How can we possibly find help in the midst of this rocking boat? When can we jump ship?

Our souls seem to be crying out with the psalmist these days, “I life my eyes to the hills” (the places I once found stability), “from where does my help come?” (Psalm 121)

For those of us who are in Christ, the answer on the page in black and white may not seem to penetrate our soul as we have read it and said it 100 times. “My help comes from the LORD, who made heaven and earth.”

But what if today we decided to inform our weary, war tattered soul that yep, that is the truth? My help really does come from the LORD, the maker of heaven and the maker of earth. How is this even helpful in my day today, right now in this hellish year?

First, it reminds me that my help is not from Fox news, social media or well-meaning friends. Help comes from Yahweh. The self-existent One who is in need of nothing and able in every way.

Secondly, it counsels my soul that my help is from the Maker of heaven. He created that which my human eyes cannot even see. I am so limited in my vision that much of what He spoke into being is veiled from my eyes. While I am wring my hands here in the shadow, keeping myself up at night and fretting over throat-choking fears, that which Scripture calls reality sits before the stable eyes of its Maker, fully seen. He reminds us nothing here is in vain, nothing is for nothing, even viruses, losses, pain and instability.

Finally, my soul is counseled when I remember my help comes from the maker of earth. Everything observable through human eyes was made with purpose and intention by the hands of Him who holds it all together well. He planned by His good pleasure and nothing can thwart that good plan.

What if my soul and your soul, actually found counsel here today? What if we reminded our soul with the Truth rather than letting the attacks that come at us dictate our responses and actions? What if today, we leaned on the fact that our help comes from the LORD?

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15 thoughts on “help in the unstable places

  1. And sometimes, God sends his help in unusual guises (and mop-top hair)…

    I’m helped so much by the Fab Four,
    and offer them my gratitude;
    does that now leave an open door
    to calling them Beatitudes?
    When I feel my spirits slip
    there’s a shoulder, here, to lean,
    and I take a little trip
    on Yellow Submarine.
    And as my life the cancer stalks,
    monsters of the snarling pain,
    it is time, then, for a walk
    down gentle Penny Lane
    to find the one who comforts me;
    oh, Mother Mary, Let It Be!

    Yes, I’m Catholic.

  2. “But what if today we decided to inform our weary, war tattered soul that yep, that is the truth?” Thank you for this thought. I love these kinds of what ifs. It certainly gives me a place to start dreaming and hoping.

  3. Mariel, I had to come to the same conclusion as you – our help does come from the Lord. I was feeling so anxious about the pandemic and everything that came with it. When I decided to turn my problems over to the Lord, I found peace. By the way, I ma reading the Psalms and just read Psalm 121 last night!

  4. “What if we reminded our soul with the Truth rather than letting the attacks that come at us dictate our responses and actions?” – Yes! Thank you for this reminder. God is fully in control of everything.

  5. I need to remind myself of this again and again. My help comes from God first and foremost. He may use other people to deliver it, but all good gifts originate with him.

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