how do we hear Him speak through His Word?

The noise in my own thoughts jarred me awake. The room was still dark as my husband lay sound asleep next to me. The concerns began to flood my mind as I slipped out from under the warm blankets. The comfort of the bed offers no consolation when my mind is tangling tighter and tighter in the dark thoughts of the season. I pulled the familiar robe around myself and closed the bedroom door gently.

Settling into my favorite chair, I could still hear the waves of thought crashing over the hope that daylight seems to dispel. My firstborn was graduating college in the spring and spreading his wings for the first time. My husband’s recent health crisis provided enough fodder to keep my weary mind busy and that doesn’t even begin to list all the other “small” concerns that have crept up into tense shoulders these days.

I opened my phone searching for an easy distraction. Scrolling and scanning in the blue light, I felt tightening in my body as comparison seemed to add to the weight I was already carrying.

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