How to Fight the Loudness

Loud, obnoxious, divisive. Our world these days, heck this year, has gotten so roudey that I feel like we are about to hear a loud, “if you can’t settle down back there, I’m pulling over this car.”

As a kid in the late 80s that was enough warning for my brother and I to take things down a notch. Not sure things would find a settling spot as easily these days.

Debates over mask wearing, racial injustice and covid testing are just the tip of the proverbial ice burg. Meanwhile kids are trying to figure out virtual schooling and parents are navigating working with this new round of educational responsibilities.

The world is screaming their opinions, thinking they won’t be heard unless they are louder than the last guy. The reality is no one is being heard and honestly, no one cares about your opinions on social media. Ain’t no one changing their stance because of some debate they saw on social media.

Wear your mask, stop being stupid and know that the lost act lost. Jesus is our only hope and no one is sinning by wearing a dern mask! Period.

Loud. Inside and outside my brain things are so loud I can barely hear myself think. What does God say about this? Psalm 46:10 reminds us to be still and know He is God.

First of all, we are to be still. Cease striving. Stop trying to make things work our way. There is a trust that comes with that, a lack of manipulation. Taking our hands off ad letting God be God. How can you and I pause today to just be still? Not for just the momentary pause, but to remove our hands, release our worries, fears, pains and trials and trust God with them instead. What if we sat before him open-handed and said, I release ______ to You, this thing/person/circumstance that is so heavy on me these days. I hand it over to You, Lord.

Then we are instructed to know He is God. Not just know it in our head but know it as a first hand experience. I know who He is because I have experienced Him in my life, living and active. He was the Comfort when my Daddy died. He was the Rock when my marriage was unstable. He was the Anchor when we uprooted our lives to a new town. Where has He met you? Who has He been for you, in your own experiences?

Finally not just knowing Him but we are to know He is God. The original name translated here is Elohim. The triune God, the Creator God, named as such all through the Creation account in Genesis 1-2. Knowing Him as Creator helps us remember His power and creativity. If He can speak the worlds into being, and He can breathe life into man, and He can bring forth all this life from nothing, then my trial is a small thing in His hands. He does all things well, the people exclaimed in Mark 7:37, so how can He not handle my life and your life well?

So as the loudness around us clamors for attention, let’s be of those who pause enough to still our souls and really know who He is and let the peace of that be our guide today.


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23 thoughts on “How to Fight the Loudness”

  1. So much noise and all He asks of us is to “Settle down with Him.” He will guide us as we still ourselves to hear His still small whisper. Blessings!

  2. Stillness. What grace-full instruction from our Father. This morning anxiety (I’ve come to hate that wor) is high.
    “One breath at a time,” I’m telling myself. This is all you really have.🙋🏼‍♀️🙏🏻

  3. The world spins madly on its way,
    an eight-ball struck by chimpanzee,
    but I think that for today,
    I won’t let it worry me.
    I’ll light myself another smoke,
    and pop open one more beer;
    tell my Labrador a joke
    to which he’ll raise his floppy ears.
    The whole thing’s got so serious,
    so I will be an isle of calm,
    a place where the delirious
    can find, perhaps, a healing balm
    wreathed in Black ‘n Mild aroma
    and clinking bottles of Corona.

  4. I NEEDED your reminder that “no one cares about your opinions on social media.” I feel frustrated about the issues and usually feel compelled to post something. Maybe I should spend more time working for change in other ways. Thank you!

    • So glad that blessed you, was hoping it didn’t sound harsh. I often need that reminder myself. The only real change will come through Jesus. Praying for those we want to change will result in the greatest change. ❤

  5. “Stop trying to make things work our way.” Yes! Because, as good as my intentions usually are, my way is not God’s way. Help us, Lord.

    Amie, FMF #14

  6. “So as the loudness around us clamors for attention, let’s be of those who pause enough to still our souls and really know who He is and let the peace of that be our guide today.”

    The world feels like it’s going crazy right now and yet God is not taken by surprise. Oh what peace it is to KNOW who God is and He hold it all in His hands!



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