How to Live Tethered to Truth

Truth does not equal your interpretation of a situation, a feeling, a loss, a moment. Truth is not what my mind thinks up or what my heart feels. That many be true of my response, but it is not The Truth that upholds.

Truth is not what the enemy whispers or what the world shouts. Truth is not the critical words or judgement I internalized and now speak to myself repeatedly.

Truth is only and always what God says, thinks and reveals from Him heart and character. God alone is Truth. His word is Truth. His definition of a concept, His interpretation and His reality is the only enduring Truth.

Truth is unchanging. Truth is stabilizing because being anchored to Truth is the only bedrock that will not shake when all else is shaken.

Then why waste so much time, energy and contemplation on self, feelings and the internal? Time spent soaking up the Word of God is well managed time. Energy exerted towards preaching the gospel to ourselves and others is well-exerted energy. And contemplation of the Word of God is the meditation our minds need and was made for.

As Eugene Peterson has said:

My feelings are important for many things. They are essential and valuable. They keep me aware of much that is true and real. but they tell me next to nothing about God my relation to God. My security comes from who God is, not from how I feel. Discipleship is a decision to live by what I know about God, not by what I feel about Him, myself or my neighbors.

So instead of letting our feeling, thoughts and interpretations lead our lives, time management or efforts, what if we tended our soul by the Word of God; and chose instead tethered to the Truth that upholds for eternity?

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