how to love those we don’t

How can we love others like Jesus does?

Last week the five minute friday community gave the challenge to write on the topic “people”. The more I pondered the passages the Lord led me to in writing this post, the more it wouldn’t let me go.

The practical, lived-out “how” always rolls around in my mind until it finds it’s application. I gotta know how to live it all out, otherwise it goes in one ear and out the other. These Truths need feet put to them to matter enough to change our day. So here is the how…

Wanna love other people like Jesus does?

Oh what a difference we could make in the life of one person, if today you and I went out and just loved others like Jesus loves. So how does He do it? Matthew 9:36 beautifully illustrates it.

  1. We are to have compassion on people. The literal meaning of the word compassion in this verse means to be moved in the inward parts. We are to be moved in our affections for others. Moved to action. Feeling for others in such a way that we act on it. Putting ourselves in their shoes, as best we can.
  2. We are to remember they are harassed and helpless. I’ve heard it said, hurt people hurt people. Those who are the most unkind and rude are likely the most hurt, harassed and helpless feeling ones. And honestly, who can’t attest to life being tough and harassing? All the people around us feel it too.
  3. We are to know they are like sheep without a shepherd. People need leading, like a sheep does, otherwise we do stupid things like “follow your heart”. Jeremiah 17:9 reminds us of the wickedness of our own heart; therefore, the poor choice of following it. Without the leadership of Christ, we will run ourselves right into a ditch every time. Ask me how I know this one.

Obviously we can’t conjure up this “Jesus kind of love” ourselves, but those who have surrendered to the Lord for salvation are sealed by the Spirit of God and enabled by Him to do what we, in our flesh, cannot. That is why when pressed for clarity, Jesus explained that to love God and love others is the greatest command. It is the greatest demonstration of Who it is we follow.

The only way to love like Jesus is to know Him, the Living Word Himself. Wanna learn how to dig into the Word of God on your own? Tend: How to Hear the Gardener’s Voice is a simple PDF download to help you with that, delivered right to your inbox.

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