How to Practice Grace through Communing with God

When my husband and I began dating 25 years ago, we called one another every day. We visited each other’s apartments and we would spend hours talking constantly. We would even run errands together. No one had to tell us to spend time together or talk with each other.

The more we talked and spent time together, the better we got to know one another. After 25 years of time spent together, we can often guess what the other person is feeling or thinking.

In the same way, one of the grace practices God has taught me over the years is the practice of communing with Him. As I would commune with my then boyfriend to better know him and understand him, God desires me to commune with Him to better know Him and understand Him.

Commune is defined as conversing or talking together, usually with profound intensity, intimacy, etc; it is an exchange of thoughts or feelings, to be in intimate communication or rapport. It’s prayer and more.

This is what the Lord is after for us. Not because He needs it, but because we do. We were made to commune with God, to pray, fast, be still and listen. We were made to pour out our hearts to Him and soak in time in His presence. How else can we really get to know Him and trust Him?

Prayer is like a moving target, the more we think we understand it, the less we really do. But I have come to realize that we are not made to understand it, just to do it.

One of the most powerful ways the Lord has taught me to pray is to pray Scripture. I pray verses over my husband, my children, my extended family, unbelievers, my neighbors and friends. I have a list of some of the verses that I pray most often for people in the back of my prayer journal to refer to often.

Ephesians 6 compares the word of God to a Sword. When we pray using Scripture, we weld that weapon into the darkness on behalf of ourselves, and our loved ones and God hears and responds.

I love making a note in my prayer journal of when I see a Scripture prayer being answered, it boosts my faith so much! For example, when I pray for my son to grow in gratitude and then I notice him being more grateful, it is so encouraging to me.

Then I ask the Lord for insight into how to best pray for my loved ones and then He will highlight verses to pray for them and for myself as I am reading. When he does this, I take note of those verses to keep coming back to them. This grace practice had been such a powerful way to draw near to God and know Him better through His word.

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I’m Mariel & I invite you to greater intimacy with God through His Word for yourself, using my TEND method of Bible study.

21 thoughts on “How to Practice Grace through Communing with God”

  1. Wow! What a wonderful analogy – communing with God with the same fervor, intensity, and eagerness as when we first started dating that special guy. I love that. At some points in my spiritual life, having a conversation with God seemed more like a chore than something I eagerly looked forward to. Now, when I am at a loss for words, I pray Scripture too.

    • Yes, praying scripture is always so life giving! As much as we are loved by God, shouldn’t we pursue Him and think of Him and lean into Him like in dating? I think He leans into us intently and it woos my heart to think of it ❤😊

    • it is so easy to do that, isn’t it, Lynn? Having scripture memory cards with me helps draw my own heart back to communing with Him throughout the day. I am grateful this post encouraged you!

      be blessed!

  2. I appreciate this post because just last night I was studying Paul’s prayer for the Ephesians in Chapter 1 of Ephesians. My husband and I discussed praying that prayer over our loved ones, church, and friends. I already needed the reminder! Thanks!

  3. I’m not much for conversation;
    three grunts will get me through the day.
    It’s not shyness or evasion;
    it seems I’m just made that way,
    and so I find it quite perplexing,
    and, indeed, really quite odd
    that the Lord is now expecting
    chattiness… what’s with this, God?
    I really am quite fine and dandy,
    small complaints, maybe, like cancer,
    but in coping I’m quite handy
    and need not bug You for an answer
    to that vexing question why,
    with so much life, I now must die?

  4. Mariel, I am so grateful we do not need to understand all the ins and outs of prayers. All we need to do is simply come, pour out our hearts, and know prayer is the answer and changes everything.


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