How to Praise in Advance

The dark night, the wearisome task and the bleating sheep surrounded the shepherds. Heaven split open with light like they had never seen and with a proclamation of joy, they learned of this Baby’s birth.

Making haste, they headed straight for this promise.

The angels making the joyful announcement had not yet seen the fulfillment of the promise. Yet their announcement came from the place of great praise to God for what He was doing, what He had promised to do and the glimmer of Hope lying in that feeding trough.

So often in Scripture, we see the example of those who praise God openly and fully without abandon when yet there seems to be little to see. A baby lying in a stable on the outskirts of town seemed hardly worthy of praise. Yet the angels burst out of heaven glorifying God with great joy that was for all people. They could hardly contain themselves.

They knew that God’s Word was good as accomplished from the moment He breathed it out. They knew, what we often forget, that the promise of God, the hope of God and the expectation of God is the completed work of God.

They could live rejoicing at a baby in a manger because they were certain He was the Savior, the sacrificed Lamb and the returning King.

What about me?

When I let God tend my soul by His Word in the early morning hours and I ask Him, how do I live in response to this truth? Do I close my Bible and step away from my chair steady and certain that His Word is truth and act as if it is so?

How quickly do I wander back into anxiety, worries and fears?

How easily do I doubt and take back the reigns, certain God is not listening or caring?

Living by the praise of God, living certain of His Word, is living with assurance regardless of what we see. We might see a baby in a manger but we live trusting in the redeeming King that He is, was and always will be.

Live as if we know it is true. Our faith will be made sight, so we can praise in advance.

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