How to Release the Pressure

My Instant Pot makes hissing sounds when it finishes cooking and releases the pressure within that it used to cook our meal. Thing is, I also hiss when I have pressure built up within me.

The pressure of time demands, the pull of the phone, the responsibilities, anxieties and even the small addictions that crept in while seeking comfort in a year of lock down all press in.

From deep within began the hiss. I sat up in bed unable to fully fill my lungs with air and felt the hiss leave my lips as I realized pressure demands release. I needed to find a way to decompress.

The psalmist gives us a formula for our soul’s pressure release in Psalm 62:8, “Trust in Him at all times, O people; pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us.”

Trusting God comes as we know Him. You can’t really trust someone you don’t know. Knowing and reminding ourselves of His love through the gospel is where it begins.

The gospel is the basis from which a tending life grows.

The gospel is the good news that though man was separated from God eternally due to our own sin; yet God the Son was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life and died as the propitiation for our sin. He rose on the third day, proof of the satisfaction of God’s wrath and those who surrender to Him as Lord are saved from the eternal death they deserve. The gospel says because of Jesus’s blood, I am made right with God.

Remembering the gospel and the great love of God from which it originates tends the soil of our hearts so we might bear fruit.

Trusting God also comes from time in His Word and in prayer. How can we develop trust with someone we never listen to and spend time with?

The weight of what presses into us, finds relief then as we pour out our heart to Him. Holding tightly to that which pulls us and trying to carry it ourselves only leads to that internal hiss. Unloading the anxieties and burdens of our heart, casting our cares on Him, reminds us that we do not carry this burden, God does.

According to God’s Word, when we make Him our refuge, our place to hide, then we find the “pressurelessness” of His ways. He holds out grace towards us, not expectations that lead to pressure. His slow tending lifestyle comes in the little by little moments of refuge we take in the hope we have in the Father.

We begin to tend our way with less pressure when we remember the gospel, trust the One who loves us most and release our pressures to Him, pressing in to His side. Then we hiss less and bear fruit more.

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13 thoughts on “How to Release the Pressure”

  1. It’s truly amazing how much pressure is released from us when we allow the gospel to be real for us. Jesus ASKS us to put our burdens on him! Taking him up on his offer sets us free to breathe, act, feel, and be easier. Such a great reminder!

  2. Love this post! Love the quote…The weight of what presses into us, finds relief then as we pour out our heart to Him.
    Thanks for sharing uplifting and peaceful words!

  3. The pshrink said I should be depressed
    on account of that I’m dying;
    when I said No he was not impressed,
    and thought that I was lying,
    for how could someone keep a smile,
    and be so bright and witty
    with cancer boiling all the while…
    then I sang, “I Feel Pretty”,
    and the good doc nearly swallowed
    the cold cigar he was a-chompin’,
    and the oddball scene that followed
    was him yellin’ and a stompin’,
    something to the effect that I
    was really just too dumb to die.

  4. Indeed! “How can we develop trust with someone we never listen to and spend time with?”

    I find the answer to any problem I have can be found in the Word!

    Great post!

  5. Thank you, Mariel, landed here today by divine appointment. I am definitely hissing due to the pressure built up and praise God I saw this before it was too late! Great words, and a timely reminder to pour out my heart to the Lord, heading there right now!


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