Is It Really Possible?

The last 365 days have offered to the world that which we once scoffed at and thought would not ever be possible. A world wide attack sub-sequential shut down due to a microscopic virus was certainly not something we saw coming.

Though most of what has been left in the wake of the last year is in the category of negative, sad, and anxiety-inducing; those who belong to the Lord can rest assured He redeems the worst of circumstances.

Jesus Himself affirmed that with God anything is possible when explaining to His disciples about the salvation of God in Matthew 19:26.

As one who was clinging to atheism and stubborn rebellion in my early twenties, but whose eyes were unveiled to the truth and thus saved, I can attest that certainly anything is possible with God.

How do I know? I am living proof of it.

If God will capture the heart of one who spent over two decades shaking her dust fist in His face, how will He then be restrained in any way? God can do what what God wants to do, there are no limitations of boundaries with God.

So what it is that is heavy on your heart today?

What are you holding that brings anxiety and fear?

God is fully able to handle that circumstance, that child, that spouse, that loss, that job, that relationship. He is able to do far more abundantly than all we ask or think (Ephesians 3:20).

So why am I still dealing with this lost loved one or fearful circumstance or whatever? We think too small.

God is doing eternal things. We are looking at a dusty planet and vapor life with the hopes of comfort and longevity. God is looking at eternity and the eternal souls of those for whom He is drawing to Himself.

We pray for and seek after the possible in our incredibly limited frame of references.

I get it, I do it! I have prayed for healing when it seemed impossible and God called my dad Home rather than healing him here. I have prayed for a job or circumstance to come to fruition for my man or a loved one and God shut doors that I thought looked best.

Through tears and unimaginable pain, I have begged for prayer answers and changed circumstances, as I’m sure you have.

But dear one, anything is possible with God. Even the redeeming of what is broken, lost, and hurting is possible.

There is a beautiful example of this in Exodus 6 that leaves me slack-jawed every time I come to it. God’s people were slaves, seemingly forgotten in their pain for generations. God raises up Moses to lead His people out of their slavery. Moses goes to Pharaoh with the demand from God. Pharoah is not only unimpressed but angry and he takes out his anger on God’s people requiring them now to make the same numbers of bricks as they had been expected but now without being given the materials to do it.

Life went from bad terrible to worse. Surely the people felt neglected by God, left, forgotten and unheard.

But Scripture teaches that right there in that crux is where we most often find the stage God has set for His purposes. Because with God anything is possible.

Exodus 6 opens with the Lord speaking to Moses, “Now you shall see what I will do to Pharaoh; for with a strong hand he will send them out and with a strong hand he will drive them out of his land.”

Now you shall see…

The stage was set for eternal possibilities.

We have to stop underestimating God. Our prayers are small and our needs are momentary.

What if today we believed the able God for the impossible? Remembering that with God everything is possible, even right here at the brink of an anniversary of hard and scary circumstances. Let’s remind our hearts of Him who redeems all things because even redemption is possible with God.

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  1. Throughout the lives of biblical characters we see God show up in the impossible. Thinking on Esther this morning. I think we all have a deeper longing to “see what He’ll do.” Thanks, Mariel.


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