knowing Yahweh

Knowing what to expect as I step into the garden comes from all the time I spend in the garden. I know I can usually expect to find a couple more ripened tomatoes and a few jalapenos ready for picking. With the seedlings of carrots and lettuce coming to the surface, I also know I will have to get out there early to water them so they can start the hot July day hydrated.

The growing plants depend on me for fertilizer, weeding, water and tending.

In a similar way, we depend on God for all we need. He is the One from whom we get all we need to grow in our walk of faith and bear fruit that is honoring to Him. He is the gardener of our souls.

But how well do we know our Gardener? You and I will only trust someone in as well as we know them to be dependable. God is dependable. How do I know that? Because Scripture teaches that His very name, His character is Yahweh which embodies the character of dependable, covenant keeper.

Knowing the names of God , which demonstrate the character of God, gives me a sure foundation and stability in time of trouble. I know I can depend on His faithfulness, regardless what I see around me, because He is Yahweh the stable and steadfast.

I often start my quiet time in the morning meditating on a name or names of God. It helps me remind my weary, distracted mind Who I am talking to and hearing from. It helps my heart love and worship Him more as I remember He is the One who is present and the type of character He has that I can count on.

This morning I remembered Yahweh. The covenant keeping, relationship seeking God who never fails. If He is such, then what does that mean for my day as I serve others, care for my home, write, work, cook? How will that affect my attitude and mental stability?

Knowing His names makes all the difference. Have you ever spent time meditating on a name of God?

I challenge you today to take a moment, and consider that since Yahweh (the name of God translated from the original Hebrew YHWH and appears as LORD in our Bibles) is the promise keeper and the one who seeks relationship with His people, then what does that mean for you today in the middle of your mundane to do list and overwhelmed mind? Jot down your thoughts, thank Him for who He is and let the Holy Spirit bring back to your mind the truth of this all day.

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