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five minute friday: young

Being young makes you vulnerable to many things. We have much to learn when we’re young. Life, marriage, parenting, relationships, career, trials, pains, losses. Seems the older we get we more we realize we knew so little when we were young.

Paul speaks right into this when he writes to his young mentee, Titus in the book by that name. He warns his young protégé to teach what accords to sound doctrine. He has Titus warn those in the church who no longer consider themselves young to remember to teach the young behind them how to live Christlike in a very unchristlike world.

Our current world, in 2020, finds itself unchristlike in many ways. But the “previously young” still have the same opportunity those in Titus’ church had…teach the young to live like Jesus, our Savior and living example!

Paul challenges Titus to teach those older woman “to teach what is good and so train the young women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled, pure, working at home, kind and submissive to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be reviled.” Titus 2:4-5

What are we teaching those younger than us? As the next generation watches, how we speak to others, respect elders and authority or respond to the needs of those who need us?

Are we concerned with teaching or demonstrating what is good, as defined by God?

How might we be training younger women to love their husbands? We could encourage date nights in marriage or submission and appreciation of husbands. Are we grateful for our own men and spending more time pray for them than complaining about them? It can be hard, especially in the midst of marriage trials. Ask me how I know. But to honor our Lord, we are called to something different.

What about loving our children? Are we loving them when we complain they have to be home to do school this year (not the same as true homeschooling since homeschooling is not about location!)? When our children hear that we wish they would GO to school, what does that translate to in their young minds? Someone older once told me, as I parented my toddlers, to never speak badly of them, lest they overhear that and live up to that. Instead choose to speak well of them and to them and by God’s grace, they will live up to that.

How are we practicing self-control, purity, working at home, and kindness? All the while we sit for hours with our phones in our face trying to numb the world around us. Yet that world we keep ignoring is those within our homes and families these days. I find myself more irritable and far less self controlled when I am wrapped up in my phone more than in my people. Working at home feels like an inconvenience if my heart and mind are pressed further into my phone then into the Word.

What if today we were intentional in our love for Truth and actually lived out the action of love for our husband, an act of gentleness for our child, put self control on our phones and acted in purity, and focused on blessing our home rather than social media?

Then maybe today you and I might do our part in not encouraging the Word of God to be reviled. We might actually honor God’s word, regardless if we consider ourselves old or young. Oh the impact it might have on those younger than us who are watching closely.

Our only hope for growing in a way to honor the Lord in our actions is to begin by knowing Him through His word. Drop your email below to get the simple, effective method I use sent to your mail box.

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12 thoughts on “living out the truth to the young

  1. Kids, you’ve got to know the truth,
    and it may not be fun,
    but see the world and see the proof;
    you’re not the only one
    who knows that we are messed up bad,
    and that the time’s are gettin’ worse;
    there are days you would be glad
    to see the wide world in a hearse.
    But hold on for a New York minute,
    ’cause there’s still stuff to do;
    as long as this world has you in it,
    you can help it through
    the dark dim valley of today
    to a brighter, better way.

  2. Great choice of reflection, to walk our witness every day, to all who are watching, but in particular those who are younger who will learn more by our example than by our words. Thank you for this challenge today .

    1. Grateful it blessed you! Yes, this is my own personal hope and challenge every day…only God in me is the hope of living this out well.

  3. Man, you hit so many nails on their proverbial heads. Good job, Mariel. And, I know you had to have gone over 5 but so did I today – I got so caught up on “story.” #5 in the lineup this morning!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I usually by pass the 5 minutes when the words are flowing. Looking forward to seeing what words you shared today! Headed there now!❤

  4. Awesome blog! I need to constantly be in God’s Word and in prayer if I am going to live a like of love, humility, meekness, mercy, forgiveness, compassion and PATIENCE which only God can help me work on. Thank you. Please read my blog.

    ❤️Terri D

  5. There is much responsibility that comes with being “older.” It can sometimes seem to be a burden – or overwhelming – but actually what a great privilege is ours! I pray I will be an encourager to those younger (in age and spiritual growth) than me.

    1. yes, it is certainly a responsibility for us to steward well. Especially since we are all older (and younger) than someone! 🙂

  6. hi mariel, great post. it’s one of my loves…caring for younger women. of course, when you are 74, most everyone is younger! years ago, i read a book by susan hunt titled SPIRITUAL MOTHERING. it changed my life. it was b/f that concept was very popular. but it certainly is a biblical concept for sure. i found you at the hopewriters friday shares. nice to meet you:)

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Martha, and for the kind words. So nice to meet you! I have heard of that book but never read it. I will have to look for it. Older women mentoring younger women has always been my passion, even before I had some years under my belt.😉

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