my part, his part

An old godly man is approached by his God. God speaks of judgment and fearful things, calling the old man to impossible tasks. He has never seen a boat, especially one that size. And rain? Enough to destroy all living things?

Yet in such a non emotional way, Scripture seems to just state facts in response to this mind-blowing encounter. “he did all God commanded him” (Genesis 6:22, 7:5, 7:9) over and over Noah just does what God commands him to do.

Noah doesn’t even ask God the *how* of it all. How will the rain come? How do I even start building an ark? Where will I find the materials? Who will help me?

Plenty of servants with hearts for God do ask for clarification throughout Scripture. But here, with Noah, we see none of that. He simply seems to nod and set about the task he has been assigned, trust that if he does his part then God will do His part.

Oh how I desire that kind of faith!

What has God assigned me to do, to be about? Pray for my children, serve my husband, witness to those He puts in my path.
So what if I were to just simply do all God has commanded me to do? Not any more, no manipulating, no worrying, no fearfulness, no being too busy or spending too much time on social media. No just simply doing the assignments He has given me.
Then, and this is often the kicker, then just trusting Him to do His part.

Noah didn’t have to understand how the rain would come or where to find help. Nope, God obviously gave him sons to help and He would handle where the rain fell from.

We do not need to understand and know all the details of our task or calling in order to put feet to it. We could, like Noah, just trust the Lord and do our part and know that He alone is God and He can fully accomplish His part.

What are called to do in this season? What is YOUR part? What is to be left up to the Lord?
I can pray for my boys, but I cant turn their hearts towards the Lord. I can witness to my neighbor but I can’t save her. I can serve my man with joy but I can’t make him love me. But God. He redeems, saves, restores, heals. He does above and beyond all that I can ask or imagine. We can trust Him to do His part.

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