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“Relief is momentary: it’s checking out, numbing, sedating yourself. Television is relief. Eating a bag of cookies is relief. Tequila is relief. And let’s be honest– relief is what we reach for because it’s immediate and usually within our grasp. Most of us turn there, when what we really need is restoration.”

John Eldridge does a beautiful job of walking us through gaining restoration in the Lord rather than just seeking relief, in his book Get Your life Back. Who couldn’t use some restoration after the months we’ve had?

Life has attacked us from every angle. Let alone the issues that already tumbled in our soul like rocks in the dryer, banging and colliding with the edges of us in such a way that we are certain we will come out dented and damaged.

In this book we find practical advice for resting our soul in the soft places. We find and learn to take moments to breathe and soak in the beauty around us.

Most mornings after my time in the Word and time spent writing, I am often found holding the leash while my dog guides me through the neighborhood. I had gotten so used to the path we take that I nearly stopped paying attention, absorbed in a podcast. But Eldridge’s book has breathed fresh life into my morning walks. The other day, I found myself noticing the birds singing and the scent of the pink wax myrtle hanging heavy over my head. It was the same path, but with new perspective and it came to life much like the yellow brick road before Dorothy, vivid in color and beauty.

Simple daily practices that open our eyes to the world God made and quiet the distractions man made really do make a big difference.

  1. intentional deep breathes
  2. noticing beauty around you
  3. setting boundaries on the phone in your hand

These are a few of the practices we can start today to seek rest and healing for our weary soul.

If you’re interested, you can click the book below to learn more. (affiliate link)

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