From Yahweh to Jesus: Finding Stability in our Unchanging God

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Five week PDF study with five days of homework for each name of God to draw us near to His heart, as we see the braiding of His OT names and NT names. Workbook download will be sent to your inbox after checkout is complete. 


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7 reviews for From Yahweh to Jesus: Finding Stability in our Unchanging God

  1. Anonymous

    I’m so glad I received an advance copy of Mariel’s latest study “From Yahweh to Jesus”. Anyone who is ready to do a deep dive into the names of God will be delighted with this study. So often, we are held back by an inability to trust God in a certain area of our life. One antidote to this is learning more about His attributes by studying Scripture. Mariel walks you through the process and leads the way, gently. Over the course of 5 weeks, you are introduced to different aspects of God’s character revealed in both the Old and New Testament. This study will be a wonderful addition to your morning time and will stir your imagination to believe more fully in the One who loves you most.

  2. Becky Sims

    From Yahweh to Jesus: Finding Stability in our Unchanging God is a beautifully written and meaningful Bible study that would make a great gift for anyone. This is a wonderful study for those at any stage in their walk with the Lord. Each section begins with the introduction of one of God’s many names and then has 5 days of reading and response for further discovery. It can easily be self-paced. Buy a few copies to share with friends or family and make connections as you work through this study together! What a blessing it will be!

  3. Jodi Grubbs

    Have you ever wondered more about the names of God? Would you like to know God more deeply? Mariel has created a beautiful study called from Yahweh to Jesus: Finding Stability in our Unchanging God. This is such an in-depth five week study on not just the names of God but what they mean in Hebrew. I like the Truth Treasure at the beginning of each week and the flow of this study. Mariel has done such a great job of taking us through parts of the Old & New Testaments and this Bible study is packed full of information right at our fingertips. I really like the way Mariel has laid out the questions that are part of the study every day. Highly recommend.

  4. Shawna Sullivan

    If there is one thing we need right now, it is to remind ourselves of who God is and why His character matters. This five week study, From Yahweh to Jesus: Finding Stability in our Unchanging God, provides a simple path to uncover the depths of the character of God. Each step of the way, Mariel directs our eyes upward and leads us into a deeper understanding of the God we serve. She allows room to reflect and creates space to meditate further on these truths, providing an opportunity to make it personal for the particular season we are in today. This is a perfect study for those months when you need to remember the sufficiency of God and to be encouraged to call on Him at any time. This is definitely one to revisit and to share, growing your love for Him all the more.

  5. Jana Fraley

    What a blessing is has been to dig deeper into the discovering the character of God through this five week study, From Yahweh to Jesus: Finding Stability in our Unchanging God. Mariel has done a beautiful job of taking the names and character of God and linking it to names and character of Jesus, bringing the unchanging nature of the Lord full circle. If ever I have needed this reminder of the sufficient and steady faithfulness of God it is now.

  6. Leslie Konhaeuser

    This study is a phenomenal guide to meditating on the names of God—and practically discovering what that means about us and our relationship with him. I am already looking forward to going through it again. ❤️

  7. Launa

    Mariel is a good teacher and right now we need to keep our eyes on God. What better way to do it than this study, that will bless us as we review the names of our Savior.

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